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Edmodo: What it is, how it works and why you should use it in the classroom?

Edmodo has become an indispensable platform for parents, students and teachers. We tell you what it is, how it works and why you should use it in the classroom. One of the growing trends in the educational environment is gamification , which is nothing more than a pedagogical tool that consists of using the psychology of the game, its mechanics and dynamics in non-recreational environments (such as a class).

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Facebook conversions

6 tactics to increase your Facebook conversions and not blame yourself for not getting it!

If you use social media in your business, it’s certainly not new to you how incredibly hard it can be to get Facebook conversions. Surely on more than one occasion you’ve been thinking about this: you have a high engagement rate, a proven content strategy, advertising budget, a loyal fan base (in general terms) and, even so, sometimes it’s as if they turned their backs on you and you have no idea why it happens to you. Before you start taking things personally, you feel…

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Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories: What are and how Facebook ephemeral stories work?

The ephemeral messaging, that allows us to contact with other people with messages that disappear within a specific deadline, is not something for nothing recent. The best-known mobile application that bets all this way to establish contact without any doubt is Snapchat, but seen its success other important apps have decided to imitate it. First, it was Instagram that decided to take the step of allowing its users to share their experiences through Stories, images and videos accessible for 24 hours, and Facebook, which had…

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4 Helpful Apps for College Students

When you go off to college, you will need to make sure that you prepare a lot of things. Not only do you want to make sure your dorm is set up for living and studying in, you also want to have a number of supplies that will make note taking, studying and calculating much easier. Calculating is not only important when you are taking prerequisite math courses – you will also need to calculate your budget. In college, your budget is something that you…

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official applications

Web, alternative customers or official applications, how we use our favorite social networks?

Social networks are one of the elements that we use to keep in touch with others, to share moments curious or memorable, and even leave messages for others. One of the biggest advantages is that it is not necessary for it to know your phone number. The amount of different social networks that there is immense and best of all is that, at least most, are very different in itself: since leaving short messages with a photo to leave photos with or without a message,…

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Google launches Spaces

Google launches Spaces, it is a new social app to chat and share in groups

Filtering over a month ago, today Google Spaces is now a reality. Google has officially introduced its new messaging service focused exclusively to share anything through small groups. Google Spaces allows us to create spaces on specific topics and add participants to chat and share content on a particular topic. In this way we can have a space to talk about literature, traveling this summer or next weekend, to name a few examples. Google Spaces offers a quick and easy way to address each issue separately and organized.

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Social icons

The buttons and social icons rarely used by mobile

The mobile phone has become the device preferred Internet access for most Internet: there are more those who search through this apparatus, the consulting information and also those entering social networks, an activity that the smartphone is fully winning the game to computers: one must not forget that 60% of the time we invest in the mobile you spend on social networks. It seems logical, therefore, that mobile web icons integrate these social networks that users do not stop accede. And so, all means have…

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Twitter, the social network micrologging celebrates 10 years

10 years ago, on March 21, it all started with a single Tweet. Since then, every day and every moment, people talk about things that matter most to you, worldwide! A decade later, Twitter, the popular social network micrologging reached this milestone has become one of the most powerful and popular Internet social networks.

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Social Media

Social networks and positioning: Social Media Optimization, necessary or prudent?

There are many factors that influence the organic or natural positioning of a website and the first of all is content. Historically, relationships have helped us to sell, position our brands and achieve business expansion. Today social networks are not far from this concept with the difference that there are no boundaries to achieve this interpenetration between people.

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