How to know when to get a TV aerial fitted

For many homes, watching TV is a part of their daily routine and gives a chance for relaxation and family time. However, interruptions to the peace such as fuzziness or pixelation can ruin the evening. If this is the case, you may be in need of an aerial fitting…

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One way you can look at the problem yourself is by checking if the issue is with your actual TV or the signal itself. Try asking neighbours if they are having the same problems; if they are not then it is likely your TV is the issue. A way to look for faulty signalling is tuning your TV through different channels to see if you can pick any up.

If the issue is the signal, you may need to reposition your aerial. The aerial may be too close to metal which can interfere with signals up to six feet away. The aerial should sit in the same position and direct as the TV transmitter too.

In general, when it comes to modern Smart TVs you do not need an aerial fitted, as it is not Live, and you should be able to watch catch-up on apps such as Netflix or BBC iPlayer without many issues. However, it is likely that along with the Smart TV function you will want to watch Live shows too, and this will most likely need an aerial.

You can live without an aerial however this will significantly affect the quality of content, with SD signals instead of HD. If you want good quality and clear viewing, this cannot be achieved without an aerial.

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With any TV programmes, you need to be aware that if you watch live or recorded programmes such as BBC iPlayer then you will need to be covered with a TV licence too. This includes Smart TVs, with the exception of Netflix and other similar streaming services that are purely internet based.

If these issues are sounding too complex and you are still not sure if you need an aerial, it may be a good idea to contact a professional installer such as TV aerial installation Gloucester who will assess the needs of your property and recommend an aerial if necessary. Post-instalment Aerial companies would also be on hand to fix any poor reception issues, avoiding any guesswork on your end!