Why copper is essential to everyday life

Copper is a valuable resource for many industries and an essential element in everyday life. It is a malleable metal that is highly conductive of both heat and electricity, durable and resistant to corrosion making it ideal for a variety of applications found within homes, transport, offices and hospitals.

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We briefly explore the way in which copper is used in everyday life as it is essential for a variety of reasons.


Within the home, copper is used in a variety of ways. Copper wiring is used to provide electrical power and it is also used in the construction of electrical appliances. Copper pipe used in plumbing provides hot and cold water to heating systems and water supplies. Copper is also a superior conductor of heat and can be found in the construction of cookware.


Copper is used in the wiring systems of cars, aeroplanes and ships, as well as in the construction of railway and tram tracks and in the wiring of trains. It is also used in the construction of electrical systems, and in the power lines and transformers of the railway industry.


Copper pipe is often used in the construction of office spaces, as it can effectively heat or cool large spaces quickly. Used in plumbing and gas systems due to its durability, it is the preferred choice within the plumbing industry. Information about common fixtures and fittings used with copper piping can be found here: https://watkinspowis.co.uk/products/copper-pipe-fittings-and-press-systems/.

In offices, copper is used in a variety of ways and can be found in the construction of computers and other electronic equipment, as well as in the wiring of office buildings. In addition, copper is the preferred choice in the construction of telecommunication systems, such as telephone lines and internet cables.

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Medical equipment, such as MRI scanners and X-ray machines use copper, as well as medical equipment such as stethoscopes and thermometers. Copper is also used in the construction of medical implants, such as pacemakers and artificial joints, as it has anti-microbial properties and can help reduce infection rates by 58%.

From cookware, jewellery and musical instruments to heat exchangers, plumbing systems and electrical appliances, copper is found in a variety of everyday items and processes, thanks to its high conductivity, strength and durability. It is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat, making it an ideal choice for electrical wiring and plumbing.