Chrooma Keyboard 3.0

Chrooma Keyboard 3.0: Changes color opens gestures, integrates with Google Now

Chrooma Keyboard is already one of the best keyboards for Android, and it shows with important developments find after major update to version 3.0.

The main feature with which Chrooma Keyboard stands above the rest of keyboards remains that adapts to the color of the application and at night changing the tone of its color, but also highlights now also with gestures.

Chrooma Keyboard 3.0
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Keyboard Chrooma becomes one of the best keyboards for Android

Chrooma Keyboard 3.0 debuts a lot of gestures that allow us to move the cursor by moving your finger across the space bar, select text moved first up from space bar and then sideways, delete a catchword moving the finger left from the delete key or delete all text at once quickly sliding up from the delete key.

But these are not all the gestures, also slipping fast from left or right from the spacebar activate the view to write with one hand , or if we write a text can launch with Google Now by swiping your finger quickly from the spacebar to run that command or perform a search on Google.

Chrooma Keyboard 3.0 also adds new emoji and emoji page redesigns, improves prediction and text suggestions, adds two new styles of keyboard keys edges, and allows you to change the color of the gestural travel writing.

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Downloading Chrooma Keyboard is free but to enjoy all of its features have to go through box. Paying 1.49 dollars unlock the styles of keyboards, paying 2.29 dollars plus unlock preferences and timing, if we pay 2.49 dollars all its features such as multilanguage support, custom designs and other premium features seen before.

Chrooma Keyboard – EmojiVersion 3.0

  • Version of Android: from 4.4
  • Developer: GameLounge
  • Download it on: Google Play
  • Price: Free with integrated shopping
  • Category: Customization

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