Common Household Allergens You Need to Know About

When it comes to home, everything needs to be comfortable at all times. It is where you relax and take time off after a stressful day at the office or school. But at some specific seasons, you may encounter one issue that may cause significant problems to you and the other people at home, and that is with home allergies.

You will never know when your allergies will act up, so you should prevent them from happening. They can be found in many areas within your home in places you did not expect that they would be there. Usually, an efficient way to combat home allergens is to look and buy the best air purifier for allergies. Even before buying an air purifier, you have to know what common allergens are found in homes to ensure you strategically place your air purifier.


This is one type of allergen that is also dangerous. You may think that your home is free of moulds, but mould experts will say otherwise. There are at least small traces of moulds found in every home, and probably the cause for your allergies. If you live in a home that has not been inspected for years, it is highly advised that you have it inspected for moulds.

Leaving moulds unattended for a long time can cause them to spread quickly. By the time you find the moulds, it has overrun different parts of your houses. Most of the time, you can find moulds growing in several places of a house, such as damp areas like bathrooms, basements, behind wallpapers and drywalls.

You do not need to hire a home inspector to detect the moulds. You can simply do it by yourself by searching for areas that have water stains. Also, you should look out for appliances that have leaking water, like washing machines, because these are the usual places where moulds tend to breed and grow. Moulds can also give off a musty smell, so it should not be challenging to detect moulds within your house.

Dust Mites

Dust mites are one of the most annoying allergens to have in a home. If you live in an area where the climate is usually warm and moist, your house can potentially get these microscopic arachnids. Dust mites are also the leading cause of asthma attacks in most homes since people who have asthma are susceptible to them.

You can find most dust mites living in upholstered furniture, carpets, and mattresses since they live on the dander left by people or animals. They are not entirely harmful to humans outside of the body but can cause problems when inhaled. Make sure you choose the best air purifier for allergies to eliminate them.


Usually, pollen is found in plants outside of your home. At one point, they will find their way inside your home and can cause allergies. The best way to prevent the allergen from entering your home is by leaving shoes outside of your home, putting your used clothes properly, and taking a bath. If you have pets, you need to wipe or clean them up because pollen can stick to their furs and paws.

If you have a recurring problem of allergens invading your home, you should not think twice about getting an air purifier to clean the air that you breathe. Once you get an air purifier, you should expect a decrease in allergies from people inside your home.