Control your TV

Control your TV from your Android phone or tablet with these interesting applications

You’re sitting at home on the couch, blanket, popcorn, ready to watch your favorite series and suddenly you realize you do not have the remote control hand or this does not work for some reason. Alarms are on, but at the same time check as you have your Android hand. Also visit for more tech news.

At this point in the absence of your remote control, the most practical and a solution that can get you from many troubles it is to use an application that allows you to transform your phone into a remote control universal and here we will go over a few.

Control your TV
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SURE Universal Remote

With this app we will be able to control not only the TV but any other device that has its own remote control at home will be able to be used, whether DVD players, air conditioners, stereo, yes, always that they are supported by the application.

Universal remote control can operate both Wi-Fi and infrared and you can download from Google Play for free, something that gives a bonus to the values that we discussed earlier.

Peel Smart Remote

With this application we will be able to control our TV either tablet or phone in a simple way and will not require a complicated configuration, for as we only enter our zip code, then our service provider then choose the manufacturer of our TV and set the ignition, a process that takes no more than 3 minutes.

Peel Smart Remote us will allow browse through channels, check the schedule, check and assign reminders or view and save favorites and even valuing the importance of social networks, will allow sharing what we see on Facebook or Twitter.

Universal TV Remote Easy

We will be able to control this application our TV through various methods such as the IR Blaster, Wi-Fi or the infrared port, going to work exactly like real electronic universal remotes, offering control functions such as basic manage channels or volume.

Universal TV Remote TV guide features and is compatible with the vast majority of TVs on the market and offers a simple away boast or options found in the alternative interface.

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Android TV Remote Control

The latter is a niche application more than before because it will allow using your phone or tablet Android as a remote control for the TV provided you have Android TV.

So we can switch both between a keyboard to use on the screen as if by a touchpad so that we can navigate the content and use the games on our Android TV. In addition, we can use voice search or use the keyboard for text in an application that will only require being connected to the same Wi-Fi which is the Android TV we want to control.

It is four universal applications that can be found free on Google Play, but there are many more, so much so that even every manufacturer offers some own to control your devices.