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Best cross county movies for the all-time

Motorcycles and cinema have always formed a perfect tandem although, in my opinion, little and poorly exploited. When we watch motorcycle movies, it is easy for the gentlemen of the two wheels to be undesirable peasants, with low intelligence and fewer lights than the rear light of a trial motorcycle. It is also bad luck. If we liked the way that we like motorcycles, the range would be endless and we could have a video library full of tits and asses.

We like motorcycles and we have to settle for what there is, which are nothing more than fleeting appearances and the occasional masterpiece. In I Travel by Motorcycle, we are nobody to say what a masterpiece is and what is slop, although we like to put our finger on the sore, so here we present a list of best cross county movies you should see.

Best cross county movies

Mad maxcross county movies

The first on the list is a low-budget Australian film in which a very young Mel Gibson played a policeman tormented by the murder of his wife and son. A tale of revenge, of pre-apocalyptic B-series scenarios, and motorcycles rode by outrageous criminals and the meat of a brake.

On any Sundaycross county movies

This documentary, directed by Bruce Brown, is already more than 40 years old, but it continues to be a reference every time people talk about movies and motorcycles. With Steve McQueen as a relevant figure, any Sunday takes us to the world of motocross with the time machines. She was nominated for an Academy Award, but they didn’t give it to her.

Terminator 2 (1991)cross county movies

The Terminator saga includes, in addition to the fearsome presence of Arnold Schwarzenegger, the resounding image of a Harley Davidson Fatboy. He masterfully frames “Chuarchy’s” muscles and suits his role beautifully. The chase through the sewers of Los Angeles is one of the most mythical scenes in the cinema of “motorcycles” and will remain forever in our retinas. The T-1000 is not far behind evolving with a police Harley (climbing stairs, jumping into a helicopter …)

Electra Glide in Blue (1973)cross county movies

In Spain called the Skin on the Asphalt, is Western with road movie overtones. Almost everyone agrees that it is quite good, but I have not seen it, so we will fool ourselves.

The Savage (1953)

The icon of motorcycle cinema par excellence and the very image of a sexy man on a motorcycle. Marlon Brando embodies all that and more in The Wild, the film inspired by the “Hollister events” that gave rise to the 1% mark and motorcycle gangs’ legend, among other topics.

It is true that the script is very simple and may not contribute much to the film industry, but it is indisputable that, in terms of the iconic image, Brando and the Black Rebels are number one.

The Girl on a Motorcycle (1968)cross county movies

Alain Delon and Marianne Faithfull engaged in steamy scenes in this great classic from the late sixties. The liberal Rebecca leaves her boring husband and, riding a Harley Davidson, goes to Heidelberg to visit her lover. He comes across all kinds of eccentric characters on the road, including a few more men for his collection.

Mission Impossible II (2000)cross county movies

Perhaps the most curious thing about this film is the cante that gives, in one of the chases, the fact that Ethan’s motorcycle, a Triumph Speed ​​Triple, goes from having road wheels to having knobby wheels on each plane. I think you don’t even have to be very understanding to see it.

Tron: Legacy (2010)cross county movies

Almost 70 weeks are editing special effects, two months or so to shoot one of the battle sequences, spectacular CGI sequences… and Note Jeff Bridges in one of the main roles (sorry, but I have him typecast). Tron: Legacy is a sequel to Tron, the film from the year 82, which, despite being a script inconsistency from top to bottom, was one of the milestones in digital animation (along with The Lawnmower and others of similar invoice)

The Motorcycle Diaries (2004)cross county movies

The first thing I recommend is that you buy the book before watching the movie. And that you read it, of course. Before being a revolutionary worldwide, Ernesto “Che” Guevara was just an ordinary boy, with a brand-new medical degree and eager to see the world. Those hunger to fly were fulfilled when, with his friend Alberto Granados, they got on a Norton 500 and traveled the continent.

Akira (1998)cross county movies

The manga comic cyberpunk Katsuhiro Otomo became a classic reference premiering nothing. The social disorder and corruption of Neo-Tokyo of the year 2019 serve as the perfect setting to develop this cult story where Shotaro tries to prevent Tetsuo from releasing the psychic Akira.

Burt Munro (2005)cross county movies

Besides being based on a true story, this film tells us about self-improvement and personal growth. Munro, a New Zealander on the final stretch of his life, has been working for years on an old Indian to break the world speed record. But for a feat of that kind, you have to leave a lot behind.

This is a good story and very well told. It is a pity that the film did not have the success that it deserved. Plus, Anthony Hopkins is great in this role.

Easy Rider (1969)cross county movies

Without being particularly good, a film becomes the motorcycle icon par excellence, and its soundtrack is a milestone. Films and directors of much more category than Dennis Hopper would like it for themselves.

But let’s not start swearing at the movie because it was nominated for an Oscar for best screenplay. Shocking. Easy Rider is The Road Movie par excellence and Born to be Wild the soundtrack of all types of bikers. I am not going to comment further on the film because it must be viewed.

Quadrophenia (1979)cross county movies

Fight of mods and rockers, pastilles, identity crisis, and plummeting youth values. Quadrophenia is a masterpiece that wins over time, not only because of the great soundtrack signed by The Who but because it summarizes a part of the English youth history of the 60s, told with great success and great doses of drama. Although, for drama, seeing young Sting dressed in buttons is priceless.

The Dark Knight (2012)cross county movies

It is not a motorcycle movie, nor does the “invention” that appears in it take much advantage of it, but seeing Batman piloting a two-wheeled monster is worth it. The BatPod, if you like the movie and become a fanatic, it can be yours and approved for driving on the road. As you want to be equipped to match, you can buy the helmet and the suit.

The Great Escape (1963)cross county movies

Steve McQueen on the back of a Triumph 650 TT Special is another of the icons of world motorcycling. The German army never used Triumph in World War II, but this model was chosen for the film due to the lower weight than the mythical BMWs.

The most famous scene in the film, in which Captain Virgil Hilts flees the country through his German pursuers, was shot almost entirely by McQueen himself. He was only replaced by his close friend Bud Ekins in the big jump scene. And all by orders of the director who did not want his big star to be damaged in a fortuitous fall.

Hell’s Angels on Wheels (1967)cross county movies

Despite not having passed the “time test,” this 1967 film offers us a fairly accurate vision of what the hell’s Angels were in their early years. It has the peculiarity that Hell’s Angels participated in it from several chapters on the East Coast that charged $ 35 per day of recording. Sometimes, after being paid, they left and had to be replaced by another “brother.” Frank Sinatra threatened the director, saying that if something happened to his daughter Nancy, who participated in the film, he would not have enough land to run.

Ghost Ridercross county movies

Nicolas Cage brings us closer to a new meaning of contemporary culture: The Idiot Superhero. Without palliative. Ghost Rider is the most simplistic, silliest, and the best cross county movies we’ve ever seen. I will not continue spoiling this movie or its sequel because we already have an extended review on this page of both Ghost Rider I and Ghost Rider II.