What is digital marketing and its benefits?

Digital marketing trend has become very important in recent years, due to the rise of the Internet and the digitization of companies. Today, a company that is not on the Internet and has no presence in Social Networks is almost as if it were invisible and is losing many opportunities that your competition may be winning.

Because of this, Digital Marketing is so important. But, are you clear about what it is and what benefits it can bring to your company or brand?

What is Digital Marketing or Online Marketing?

Digital Marketing or Online Marketing is the set of actions and strategies that a company or person carries out through the Internet with the intention of attracting new clients or attracting new business, developing a brand identity and creating relationships.

First of all, it is a great opportunity to grow, make your brand visible and position it, since your potential customers are already on the Internet.

Digital Marketing Channels

Digital Marketing

Web page

It is one of the main channels of Digital Marketing and on which you must focus when creating your digital strategy.

It is very important that you have a careful website that identifies with the identity of your brand, that takes a short time to load and that it is easy to find what users are looking for.


If you have a company or want to sell services, one of the best ways to reach your customers is with a blog where they can learn about the sector or the products you sell, provided you are reporting and not trying to sell blatantly.

In addition, your customers can see that you control the subject.

Social networks

There are more and more users on social networks, so, there are your potential customers and those you must reach to build brand loyalty, and to sell, of course.

You do not have to be in all the networks, not even in the most known ones. Know your client well and in what social networks you have presence that is where you should be and where you should invest time and money to be visible and work your brand.

Email Marketing

It is a strategy that is usually very effective if done well, using it to inform your customers of news, articles or promotions, but you have to be careful because they can consider it SPAM and you could lose them.

Therefore, if you use this channel, you must do it in the correct way, using the channel to give information to your client that may interest you and not just to sell.

Web Positioning

A good web positioning will make your web page appear in the top positions when any user makes a search, in Google or in any other search engine, with your keywords, and will take a potential client to your website or blog, so that It is important to work properly with this channel.

Online advertising

Investing in online advertising can give you a lot of visibility, especially when your brand is not well known or when you’re starting in the online world, whether you invest in search engine advertising, such as Google AdWords, as if you do on social networks.

You do not have to invest a lot of money, but advertising will get you more people and increase your sales.

Video Platforms

Video is booming and more and more videos are being viewed, so it’s a channel that you should keep in mind, as long as it can be adjusted to your brand. Create tutorials, show your products and how they are used correctly or share your knowledge of the sector.

What are the advantages of Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing

It is measurable and can be analyzed

To know if your strategy is having the expected effect or not, you should be able to measure and analyze the results, obtaining information on what is working well and what needs to change to achieve our goal.

One of the advantages of Digital Marketing is that there are many tools with which you can measure all the actions you carry out through the different channels.

It’s economic

Although you do have to make an investment in your website, in some tools and in advertising, it is much cheaper than traditional marketing, since you can also perform some actions for free (such as through social networks or email).

It has a global reach

Internet has no limits, so you can find potential customers from your city, your country, your continent or the whole world.

It is flexible and dynamic

If you launch a strategy, from the first moment you can see what results it is giving you and, if they are not what you expect, you can change it, adapting it better to what your clients are looking for.

Allows segmentation

Launching an advertising campaign to the general public can bring you fewer benefits and you will have to invest more time than if you launch it by segmenting it, getting closer to your potential client and focusing on their needs.

Increase the visibility of your brand

Having a presence on the Internet will make many more users and potential customers know your brand, either through your social networks, your website or your blog.

Create community

A good Digital Marketing can bring you closer to know your customers better and that they know your brand better, creating a relationship and building loyalty to your customers.

Increase sales

Most companies are digitizing because they have seen the great potential of having an Internet presence, so if you are not, your competition is taking sales that could be taking you.

In addition, through the Internet you can reach many more people than through your physical store, which is limited to a specific place and time.

You can try tactics and adjust strategies in real time

One of the things I like most about Digital Marketing is that you can try different tactics to reach your target audience and redefine your strategy according to what is working for you and what is not.

It offers a customer service channel in real time

Social networks are already the channel of customer service preferred by the users of these, so if you are not on social networks they may be talking about you without you knowing it and without being able to help them solve their doubts or their problems.

Unlimited accessibility to the brand

The stores have opening hours, but the Internet does not. You can reach more people and have the doors of your store open at any time so that your client can access your store at the time that best suits you and from anywhere.

6 Tips for an Effective Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Create a Digital Marketing strategy

Establish a digital strategy to reach your target audience, since if you focus your strategy to the general public you will be losing time and money.

And that your strategy is not only to get new, which is a very common mistake, but also for your customers to continue trusting your brand.

Establish the objectives and goals

To know which way we should take, we have to know where we want to go. Therefore, it is necessary to establish objectives and goals that are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Defined in Time).

Thus, you can measure and evaluate your Digital Marketing strategy depending on whether or not you are approaching your goals.

Follow the behavior patterns of your clients

You have to know how your target client is and, above all, what he does in his free time and in which channels he has a presence. It does not make sense to invest money and time trying to reach your customer through a channel that does not use, but you must adapt to what social networks are present, when you connect to the Internet and what device you use for it.

Complements digital channels with traditional

Establishing a Digital Marketing strategy does not mean that you should forget about your Traditional Marketing strategy. One thing does not remove the other.

You can get a lot of useful information through your store or establishment and apply it to your digital strategy.

Audit your website

You must have a simple website to use and in which your potential client can find easily and quickly what they are looking for. Otherwise, it will go to your competition.

In addition, you must take into account that more and more users connect from the mobile, so your website should be able to be viewed properly from any device.

Use the most suitable tools for your project

There are many tools in the world of Digital Marketing, both paid and free. Test and select the ones that give you the most information or the ones that seem easiest to use.

7 Tips to be a Digital Marketing professional

Digital Marketing

Network with other professionals in the sector

The best way to become a good professional is by learning from the best. To do this, network with them, both online and, if you have the opportunity, offline. You can exchange ideas, opinions about trends or the tools you use, talk about the news of the sector or comment on topics that you have seen in your blogs or web pages.

Subscribe to Digital Marketing blogs

As in the previous case, I believe that reading the references of Digital Marketing is essential if you want to be a good professional and learn everything there is to know about this sector.

A good way to do it is to subscribe to your blogs, so that when they share new content they notify you to your email and you do not have to be accessing their website in search of new publications.

Follow Digital Marketing professionals on Twitter

Twitter is one of the social networks that I like the most and in which many good articles on Digital Marketing are shared daily. Therefore, you must follow references and professionals from the sector, since you will not only learn from them, but from all the content of other professionals they share.

If you want to share content yourself, remember to always mention the person who created the content.

You can also subscribe to lists of professionals or create them to be able to see all the contents of these professionals without other content that may not interest you at that time.

Read Digital Marketing books

I love reading and I’m always reading a book, so I think this point is very important. You can learn a lot from Digital Marketing books and eBooks that some professionals have created and you can download for free from their website.

Self-learning is essential in this sector, so reading is a task that you must add to your agenda now.

Go to congresses and Digital Marketing events

It is the ideal place to do networking and you can learn a lot from the presentations of professionals from the sector and other professionals who attend these congresses and events.

In addition, many events have practical workshops in which you can apply what you have learned to your project.

Participate in Digital Marketing groups

Search for groups on Facebook or LinkedIn about Digital Marketing and participate in them. Even if you do not have a blog to share your content, your comments will surely be well received, as long as they are constructive.

You will find a lot of quality content with which to learn and you can create relationships with other professionals in the sector.

Take Digital Marketing courses

If you want to get started, you can start by looking for a free online course with which to acquire the minimum knowledge to be able to launch yourself into the sector, and then launch yourself to make one more advanced.

If you already have knowledge, invest some money in a good course or master with professors who are professionals in the sector. You can do networking with your teachers and meet other professionals who are learning like you.


Digital Marketing is very important when it comes to having an Internet presence if we want to achieve visibility and increase our sales. Therefore, we must take advantage of this opportunity and invest in having a good online presence.

Do you already use Digital Marketing to make your brand visible? What channels do you use?