Digital Trends: 3 Key Benefits of WhatsApp for Marketing

When you think about Facebook with its 2.934+ billion users, or Instagram’s  1.440 billion users, you probably will not remember Whatsapp.  Many marketers do not ever think about how they can use Whatsapp for marketing, but there are ways to do so, as we’ve detailed below:

Why WhatsApp for Business?

WhatsApp marketing is a text-based marketing system, which has an average open rate of around 98%. AWith just over two billion active users, WhatsApp has more users than Twitter and LinkedIn combined, as well as Instagram and other socials.

If you’re not on WhatsApp yet, you’re missing out on many users and high high message open rates, the most popular social media marketing and mobile messenger app. To effectively use WhatsApp for business, you’ll need a WhatsApp API designed for enterprises, which can help you achieve the following:

  • Engaging customer support: Use text, images, videos, documents, and emojis to provide rich customer support and a catalog of your products and services for your customers
  • Chatbot capabilities: Use WhatsApp API to create a chatbot for your WhatsApp customer support and automate responses to customers
  • Obtain customer feedback and conduct consumer research: WhatsApp allows you to create intimate relationships with customers to get feedback and conduct surveys.
  • Reviews and customer ratings: Use your customer relationship to request customer reviews on your service/product and share links for surveys
  • Send reminders, alerts, and notifications: Use WhatsApp to send reminders, alerts, and notifications like flight renewals, issue resolutions, ticketing, and shipping and tracking

You can do more with WhatsApp to support your business marketing, customer engagement, and customer support.

3 Key Benefits of WhatsApp for Marketing

WhatsApp messages offer these three benefits in a more extensive way:

Real-Time Communication

By having WhatsApp in your social marketing plan, you can communicate with your customers in real time and respond swiftly to their important queries and concerns. Smartphone users are increasingly using WhatsApp. It gives every business a chance to associate with the target customers, in real time and get quality leads. With  a good WhatsApp API, you can also automate responses to your customer queries, which responds to your customers when you’re not available.

Private and Personalized Answers

Direct messaging is great for individual customer service and tailored offers. You can send to the customer personal account credentials, offer support, order updates, and make it private. You can also make precise product recommendations. WhatsApp Business API also enables connections to your CRM, enabling customisation of your communication.

Personal Customer Engagement

The direct communication with the customer that WhatsApp offers through short messages is a great addition to business-customer engagement. The ability to support a two-way communication helps customers engage the business one-on-one without going through the website. This easy business accessibility raises the chances of getting and keeping a customer.


As more people continue to join WhatsApp, it’s becoming an integral marketing channel for businesses. Thanks to tools like WhatsApp API, businesses can integrate the platform with CRM solutions to improve customer service.

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