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How to discover new Android apps

What do songs and smartphone apps have in common? There are many, many and they continue to increase at a dizzying speed. The numbers no longer mean anything. Among over six hundred thousand applications, finding the one that interests us is like (even worse) than looking for a needle in a haystack. Finding your way in the various platform stores can be a complicated and frustrating process.

Both Apple and Google offer some tools for smart exploration of their stores, but it’s not enough. It wants more, like in music: it takes a discovery service, complete and articulated. The market is still not very populated, but someone is beginning to sniff out the potential of the idea. Here are all the applications dedicated to the try new Android apps everyday …



  • It currently represents the state of the art of the discovery app. Try it.

The Pandora of mobile applications. Suggestions for custom applications, based on what we have installed on our smartphone and which we use most frequently, our geographical location and our personal data. Appreciate even shows us if an application (or another user) can be compatible with our tastes or not. Many social features: we can follow other users, explore the apps they use and those they have tried.

App of the day – 100% free


  • If you want to discover new apps and save some money, it’s the app for you.

With the app of the day, a paid application becomes free for 24 hours every day. It will not be a complete and multifaceted discovery service like Appreciate, but it is still effective, and the idea of saving some money is always tempting for users. In most cases it is a few B-series games, but sometimes an interesting deal turns up. We have made several discoveries not bad, we have also proposed some!



  • It’s okay if you have little time to devote to exploring and buying new apps.

Appsfire combines app discovery and price monitoring functions. It does not have a complete and complete interface like AppSales nor the accuracy of Appreciate, but it is simple and very fast to use.

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  • It is inferior in all to Appreciate, even if only slightly. Difficult to recommend.

AppAware is another discovery-based social networking app. We can interact with other users; watch their applications and even text with them privately. What is missing however is a system of advanced suggestions, based on our tastes and interests, as happens in AppAware; moreover, the interface is not particularly exciting. A discreet app, without a doubt, but which is compared to competitors of a much higher level

Droid Of The Day


  • Those looking for a simple and inexpensive way to find new quality apps.

Droid Of The Day does not promote anything, nor does it offer discounts on apps. Simply, it offers us quality content, in the right dose: an app a day, a small notification that requires no more than five minutes of attention. The rest of the application is little more than an archive, a history of all the apps that received the attention of the editorial staff; and if we wish, we may be the ones to suggest the next one.



  • Who looks for free quality apps, chosen, tested and commented by a competent editorial staff.

Freeapp takes up the winning concept of “an app a day” that has made the fortune of Appgratis, but is dedicated to free applications. There are no promotions: only quality apps tested and reviewed by the startup’s staff of origin. Another reliable tool for our discovery app arsenal.

There are many more alternatives and AppGratis is one of them. Furthermore, we cannot fail to mention the Amazon AppShop, which every day allows you to download a paid application for free and, indirectly, allows you to discover new programs as well. All you have to do is browse through our suggestions or discover new apps via Play Store or other software.