Does instagram notify when you screenshot

Without a doubt, Instagram is one of the most used social networks today. Therefore, it always strives to protect the privacy of all users. In view of this, the question arises, does Instagram notify me when I take a screenshot of Stories in 2020?

Screenshots to Instagram Stories

When we look at Instagram stories we can always find something that we want to save on our device. That is why the option of taking a screenshot always goes through our heads. However, many users are afraid to do so because they do not know if the owner of the page will know or not.

Even though we live in the age of the rise of social media, we still have many questions about it. It is that with each update new functions are added and it is impossible to know them all

In this opportunity, we want to clarify whether or not Instagram notifies when we take a screenshot of the Stories in 2020. This question arises because at the beginning of 2018, the application announced that it would notify each time someone makes a screenshot of the stories. However, this was not well received by users.

The app activated the feature on a trial basis for a few months. But due to a large number of complaints, he decided to deactivate the function in mid-2018. So in the middle of 2020, Instagram does not notice if you take a screenshot of Stories. This is a great relief to many users, as sometimes you might look like a stalker without actually being one.

Something similar happens with images that are sent by direct message. For a time, the app notified users when screenshots were taken. This with the excuse of protecting privacy. However, due to a large number of complaints and general disgust, it was also disabled.