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Eight Best New Apps For 2022

Android tablets and phones are technological marvels that entertain, let you work from any location, and keep you connected with friends, family, and coworkers. With the right app, you can transform your humble cell or slate into a mobile movie theater, work station, art canvas, recipe manager, and so much more. Here are the best new apps so far this year, or you can check Australian online casino sites for more on this topic.

Alpha KWGT

Price: $0.49

Alpha KWGT is a theme pack for the popular KWGT app. It includes 45 unique widgets and 50 wallpapers to style your home screen with. The wallpaper and widgets work pretty well together. Most of the wallpapers are fairly minimal and the widgets work well with them.

DeepL Translate

Price: Free

DeepL Translate is a simple, quick, and easy tool for translation. It works in 26 languages. You simply enter the words into the app and pick the language. The UI won’t win any awards, but luckily it doesn’t detract from the ease of use. There is also a dark mode, language detection, and it boasts quick overall translation. It doesn’t have the sheer number of features that you find with Microsoft Translate or the excellent Google Translate, but DeepL is definitely just as good at basic text translation.


Price: Free / $10.99

EasyCanvas lets you turn your device into a drawing tablet for use on your PC. The app has quite a few features, including things like palm rejection, wired and wireless support, and more. It’s made mostly for the Galaxy Tab series of devices since it and the S-Pen support various pressure levels that artists need to make digital art.


Price: Free

FRY is an app for emergency first responders. It aims to help people cope with traumatic events with a series of meditation exercises and follow-along videos. The purpose is pretty self-explanatory. First responders see a lot of messed up stuff and sometimes need help dealing with it. This app helps with that. The UI won’t win any awards, but it does provide a decent amount of resources for free just like the UI at football West.

F-Secure Password Generator

Price: Free

F-Secure launched a website where you can generate a password for free. Usually, these tools come as part of a password manager app and F-Secure has one of those as well. However, the company launched this free website to help encourage people to use stronger passwords. You can customize the passwords a little bit. It can be up to 32 characters and include upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. Options can be deselected to work with whatever site you want to use. There are, of course, adverts for F-Secure on the site, but otherwise, it’s free to use just like the demos at casino online real money.

Inspire X

Price: $1.49

Inspire X is a new Wear OS watch face. It’s an analog-style watch face with smooth animations and easy-to-read numbers. It also shows the battery, date, and a couple of variable customizable fields. The fields can have things like temperature, steps, and other data. It’s a simple overall watch face that seems easy to read and you can have it in a few different colors. It doesn’t look particularly futuristic, but honestly, that doesn’t really matter. It works well.


Price: Free

Jow is a new recipe app with some grocery shopping list functionality. It’s relatively new so there isn’t the same massive database of recipes as more mature apps. However, it has a decent selection for how new it is. The app specializes in family recipes with larger meals for kids and adults. It has step-by-step guides and video tutorials available. When you choose a recipe, you can add the ingredients to a shopping list to make things easier at the store. It should get better as time goes.

MapGenie: Elden Ring Map

Price: Free / $5.99

Elden Ring hit the ground running and it’s one of the most popular games of the year so far. This app helps players find stuff in the game. It features a full game map with over 1,500 points of interest. They include flask upgrades, keys, dragons, hidden chests, and other stuff. You can surf by the map or by category and also do stuff like take notes and track your progress. It’s a self-explanatory app that does exactly what you think. Elden Ring fans should definitely check it out.