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Eleven useful things you can ask Google Now

Google Now, as Siri, is one of those features that you normally do not pay attention to it deserves. But I must say: voice assistants are becoming a serious tool that can save us a lot of touch screen and even longer.

To prove it, nothing better than a small guide for configuration and some examples of voice commands with which to obtain information quickly. No jokes or eggs: let us go the bar and see what potential does the assistant Google.

Set up Google Now

Google Now to work in the best way possible, we must accept that the service record some of the data we generate surfing the net. Not to do any tutorial here, because it is what allows us to do an assistant when we open the wizard for the first time either Android or iOS.

Googlel Now
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We need to accept separately that Google Now stay with a history of our web activity and our locations. Furthermore, it should allow the application to send us notifications to receive their proactive alerts with information we need at that moment.

If we agree with all these steps, we can begin testing these useful commands to Google Now. Caution: Some of these commands only work with Android for native integration issues.

“OK Google, what is the status of the flight AA125?”

Google shows us all data from a flight that matches the corresponding code here. Goodbye to find the sites with complicated interfaces that make us the same but in many more steps.

“OK Google, how many dollars is 100 euros?”

Google is able to check the change of any currency on the fly and tell us values. Of course, it works with almost all currencies.

“OK Google, how will the FC Barcelona?”

For football fans, this voice command can show the classification of La Liga in an instant.

“OK Google, remind me tomorrow at 9 buy milk”

Eye this works well in iOS, although not natively but it is able to set reminders based in one hour or location.

“OK Google, what time is it in Tokyo?”

If you’re like me you never stay with time zones for many trick that you explain to guess them. Google Now saves us once again.

“OK Google, how old is Harrison Ford?”

Okay, maybe Harrison Ford is not important enough, but you can replace it with any other personality. You can also know, for example, dates of birth or people who are married.

“OK Google, WhatsApp sends a message to Juan”

Only for Android: Google Now is able to integrate with third-party applications to perform basic actions.

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“OK Google, who is the author of Game of Thrones?”

If we get something geeks should point out that actually what was JRR wrote MartinSong of Ice and Fire, but for all those who only know the series we’ll let it go.

“OK Google, how will Apple stock?”

Perhaps some of you have shares in a company. This voice command is for you.

“OK, Google, nearby restaurants”

This is perfect for when you’re with friends and may have outstanding dinner somewhere. It shows, with map included a list of restaurants closest you have. Special mention also to this for when we need gas stations.

“OK Google, how much is 45 by 50?”

Finally, how we would not be able to calculate things? Now we can go hiding the calculator application of our main screen.

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