Facebook Creator

Facebook Creator for Android: This is the application with which the social network seeks to attract the talent of YouTube

Instagram is the most successful social network among young people, but Facebook does not want to lose the pull and charisma of content creators either. To improve the vision of the social network, at the end of last year the project ‘Facebook for Creators’ was created. An initiative that now receives its Android application.

Facebook Creator

Facebook Creator is an independent application related to Facebook and focused on those who already have a YouTube channel, a successful Facebook page and, in short, they are known for their work they offer through the web. The app is available for free download and will allow content creators to speak with their audience, receive statistics from their Facebook page and several other options to improve their visibility.

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From this application creators can see the comments of Facebook, Instagram and Messenger in one place. A unified ‘inbox’ under the community tab. We also have the tab to measure success. “The place to look for advice and inspiration”, according to Facebook.

The application allows live transmissions, stickers and personalized images to interact with other users and you can upload and share videos directly from the app. Facebook Creator is basically an alternative to the Facebook app but focused on managing the personal page of the content creators, facilitating the task of uploading content to the social network.

Facebook Creator is available to download on Android and iOS for those pages that represent specific individuals, not organizations. We will see if the different ‘influencers’ welcome this new application to care for and give affection to their social network page, which in general is usually in the background with respect to the YouTube channel or Instagram profile.