Fifteen Brilliant Game Apps for Your Weekend Enjoyment with Friends

Weekends always breathe a new lease of life to most people after a busy week full of appointments and work-related matters. Well, checking for insightful personal development tips on the can prove useful, but nothing beats enjoying a game with friends on a Friday or Saturday night. You can laugh, catch up, and relieve all the stressful tension that built from the week. When it comes to Twitch, you can read this guide by Venturebeat on how to get more followers.

In the current tech-averse world, what game apps can you consider playing with friends on these occasions, such as the night?

Interesting Game Apps for Your Weekend Enjoyment with Friends

  • Mario Kart Tour. The most ardent Mario Kart fanatics can never bring themselves to imagine playing the game on their mobile phones. However, the existence of the game as a mobile app can prove fun, and with a capability of getting joined in on the fun by friends remotely.
  • Scrabble Go. The game app resembles the board scrabble option and proves better than the diverse knockoffs that have existed for decades now. It also offers you an opportunity to play it with friends remotely, by simply linking the application to Facebook, or adding your friends via your phone.
  • The gaming app allows you to enjoy a trivia night by giving you an avenue to develop your quizzes with false or true or multiple choice answers. It then gives you a special game code that you can decide to share with pals and letting them join in on the fun.
  • Words with Friends. It comes similar to Scrabble Go though it can have discrepancies with the scoring system.
  • Sky: Children of the Light. The gaming app provides you with an experience akin to a videogame but without the gaming system. It bases its story on solving mysteries by flying through seven sky realms.
  • The game app also allows communication between friends. It proves an interesting gaming app with an easy way of inviting friends. You can pick free decks or themed decks that come at a dollar.
  • Yahtzee with Buddies. The app provides you a platform to play the Hasbro game, especially if you had a keen interest growing up. You can rope in your friends and throw dices for fun. The game app comes free and on Android and iOS platforms.
  • The app proves colorful and provides diverse variations of the card game. You can invite friends for a match and also communicate with them using the talk and text functions within the app while playing.
  • The app allows you to enjoin friends when it comes to playing the game. Everyone takes their time to answer trivial questions for points, especially if you can pick the right one from the false options.
  • Ball Pool. It proves a virtual pool table game experience and one you can enjoy with a friend by challenging each other. It comes free and on Android and iOS platforms.
  • The game app has a model similar to Trivial Pursuit where you can pick any number of subjects from Disney to World Geography and participate in trivia. It comes free, available on Android and iOS, besides allowing you to invite friends for a challenge.
  • Boggle with Friends. The game features a shake of lettered dice on a grid and spotting word combinations for points.
  • Game of Life. The app features a multiplayer feature where you can rope in friends and play through diverse life stages as it exists in real-life. It comes at $ 2.99 either on Android or iOS platforms.
  • It entails discovering a murder suspect from the classic characters listed. You can play with friends or solo based on your inclination. It comes on Android and iOS platforms at only $3.99
  • The game app allows you to recreate the classic Monopoly and play virtually with friends or solo. It costs $3.99.


The game apps allow you to recreate some of your favorite classic board games and play with friends virtually every weekend. Very few things can beat these games when it comes to unwinding with company on a weekend during a pandemic situation.

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