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Five applications to take more out of the fingerprint reader on your Android

For some years, biometric security has become an almost essential aspect in our phones. Fingerprint readers are now a regular part in high-end mobile and increasingly reach more mid-range devices, but their use is often limited to unlock the device and, if the terminal supports it, make payments.

A fingerprint reader can have more functionality through the various compatible apps we can be found in Google Play. Many apps or passwords banks already offer the ability to access using the fingerprint, but there is still more. In this article, we collect with several apps that add more functions to the fingerprint reader on your smartphone.

Before you begin, you must keep in mind that, in order to add extra features to the fingerprint reader on your phone, in most apps will be necessary to enable access through the Accessibility menu because otherwise the system will not let the app concerned perform the action you want. In addition, it is also important to know that some of these apps may conflict with each other, especially those that serve to add gestures.

fingerprint reader
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Fingerprint Gestures

With this app you can expand the capabilities of the fingerprint reader through gestures on its surface. Fingerprint Gestures allows you to associate gestures with up to three different areas of the system. Gestures are a soft touch on the button, double tap or slide on its surface.

Once selected gesture, can assign an action from a long list. For example we can make a double tap a particular application is opened or the swipe gesture notifications panel display style gestures of the new Pixel. However, if you want to take full advantage you need to be root because many of the features are only available in this case.

Virtual Home

Home Virtual is similar to the previous one but more simplified app. In this case we can only choose between a single or slide on the sensor tap, but yes, all functions offered by us are available to all users, not exclusive to root.

Among the features available in Virtual Home it is back at the start, lock the device, open the camera, display notifications, open the quick settings, view open apps, go to the menu on or activate Google Now. In addition to quickly access certain functions, Home Virtual can be useful for not punishing both the start button in the event that the reader is built into this piece.

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Another possible use of fingerprint reader is to block not only the device, if not individually specific apps. With AppLock we can prevent eavesdroppers see our photos, read our messages or see our Facebook profile.

If your phone has fingerprint reader and is has as Android 4.0 minimum, you can add an extra level of security and protection applications individually and then unlock them only with the help of your mark.


We have seen a function to protect our apps with footprint and now are the turn of another sensitive issue that needs extra security: passwords. LastPass is a password manager where you can store all your credentials and favorite social networking sites is also compatible with the fingerprint reader on your phone.

With LastPass you can have all the passwords you usually use in the same place, so if you forget some only need to consult. It also has the option to generate secure passwords, all protected with your fingerprint to prevent anyone from seeing the contents.

Fingerprint Scanner Tools

Fingerprint Quick Action is another option available for those who want to assign gestures to the fingerprint reader on your smartphone. As above, this app lets you choose between a simple tap or swipe gesture on the sensor and associate it with different actions.

The operation is very similar but in this case functions as quickly turn the flashlight are added or open a floating window with different options, among which are the camera, flashlight or put the device in sleep mode among others. More on