Games like Diablo 3

Games like Diablo 3: 5 titles for fans of the Diablo saga

The Diablo saga begins at the dawn of videogames when in 1996 Blizzard Entertainment gave birth to the eponymous first chapter of the saga, the hack’n’slash action RPG that would soon become the progenitor of a varied and populated family of videogames.

Diablo was the first of its kind, and he was inspired by numerous other successful games such as Sacred, Dungeon Siege, and Titan Quest, in addition of course to the two sequels produced by Blizzard itself: Diablo II (2000) and the more recent Diablo III (2008).

While Diablo 3’s fan base is still very large. There is no more news of expansions arriving since Reaper of Souls was released in 2014.

The most avid fans of the saga are therefore short of videogame material to play, and we have decided to compile this shortlist to suggest 5 free to play online games similar to Diablo 3 that we hope will prove to be up to the undisputed King of action RPG hacks ‘slash.

Path of ExileGames like Diablo 3

Path of Exile is without a doubt our first choice when it comes to games like Diablo 3.

A quick look at the screenshots published in our review will allow you to instantly understand how pronounced the similarities between the title of Blizzard and Path of Exile are pronounced, starting from the interface.

The gameplay is based on the same RPG dynamics as Diablo, with quests to complete, items to collect, characters to meet, and morbid level-up races … all interspersed with ignorant sessions of hack’n’slash style blows.

The graphics are also excellent compared to the latest Reaper of Souls expansion. Thanks to the fact that the title, being free to play, is constantly under development \ updating.

Drakensang OnlineGames like Diablo 3

Drakensang Online is a free MMO playable also via browser extremely similar to the aforementioned Path of Exile.

It too is part of a videogame saga – that of Drakensang – which, although it does not reach the popularity of that of Diablo, still carries with it a valiant tradition.

The points in favor of this game are the localization in Italian. An element that distinguishes it from all the other titles on this list; the PvP sector, varied and fun, above average; the ability to play via browser, but only with Firefox.

From a technical point of view, the graphics of DSO are excellent, and don’t let yourself be swayed by the fact that it is a browser game: the BigPoint developers must have made a deal with diablo to enclose a gem like this in a window of a browser!

EloaGames like Diablo 3

ELOA is a very recent isometric MMORPG, which is appreciated for the graphics, the general atmosphere, and the combat system.

Each character is in fact equipped with different battle stances, i.e. sets of attacks and skills between which we can switch at any time depending on the type of threat to be faced. Each battle stance changes our approach to battle, ensuring a certain variety in combat.

HeroWarzGames like Diablo 3

HeroWarz is the latest chronological addition to the vast landscape of isometric RPG action games.

It is a completely different title from Diablo 3 in terms of setting and general atmosphere. As the style is very reminiscent of anime \ cartoon games like Elsword.

The gameplay is simple and immediate, also suitable for a non-purist. And we recommend it if the Diablo saga has bored you with all that occult. But you continue to have fun under the aspect of ” blows “.

KingsRoadGames like Diablo 3

We close this list with KingsRoad, a very interesting Drakensang-like browser game, with a slightly retro flavor.

Kingsroad is a simple and straightforward game, sometimes too much, especially when it comes to quests. Too often we are given dull tasks that basically consist of cleaning up certain areas. With a level of repetition that gets a little frustrating at times.

In short, a game that makes grinding its strong point. It’s up to you to decide whether you like it or not.

We recommend this game if you want a light pastime to spend a few minutes a day in the comfort of a browser … it is certainly not the ” big game “to be installed on your home gaming PC for intense gaming sessions