GNOME 3.20

GNOME 3.20 will arrive within two weeks, these are the developments in their applications

It is expected that the final version of GNOME 3.20 is released within two weeks, and so few days of its release many of the applications that are implemented in the final stage of development of their latest versions. This means you have already stopped interface improvements, and will now begin to polish their stability.

GNOME 3.20
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GNOME is one of the most popular environments GNU / Linux desktop ecosystem, and it takes several months to buzz integration of Google Drive or redesign your panel configuration. Now prepares improvements in their native mapping applications and documents, and photo viewer evolve into a photo editor with filters to Instagram.

Some of the new features of GNOME 3.20

Maps 3.20 is one of the applications that include new features in the next version of GNOME. It will perform visual enhancements as a popup bubble redesigned the ability to add bookmarks, print routes, or to export what you are seeing in a PNG image to save screenshot.

However, what really stands out is its integration with OpenStreetMap. Not only because this is the website to which have we gone if we decided to open the map in the browser, but because we can edit OSM data directly from the application itself. Yes, for that first we have to identify ourselves with our own system maps.

The GNOME Photos photo viewer receives several improvements to also make a photo editor. Its own developers warn that not be a professional editor as darktable or GIMP, but one aimed at those who usually work with more basic options.

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Among the functions that will give, us improve our images the noise eliminating or adjusting sharpness, brightness, contrast and saturation. We can also apply various filters as we do in Instagram, Facebook or Google Photos. Photos of GNOME will be a nondestructive editing to keep the original photo besides keeping which have changed, and will be based on the GEGL component used by the GIMP editor.

Improvements in these two applications are perhaps the most attractive, but will not be the only ones. Nautilus for example add new levels of zoom, LibreOffice finally integrates natively, and as we see in the video, Gnome Calendar also receives several improvements as an aggregator of events improved, a new viewer of the year or more keyboard shortcuts. Visit for more tips.

To this, we must add that GNOME 3.20 will also have new offline features like an airplane mode and improvements in their news feed. The new version of desktop environment will be released on March 23, and will gradually reaching all distributions that implement it for any of their flavors.