Google Lens

Google Lens: What it is? How to install it? Everything you can do with it!

We are going to explain what Google Lens is, how to install it and everything you can do with this Google recognition application. The application was announced during the Google I / O of 2017, and was a step forward in the analysis and recognition of images in real time through the mobile camera.

Let’s start the article by explaining extensively what exactly Google Lens is and how it works. Then, we will go on to tell you how you can install it on both Android and iOS, and we will end with a list of the functions it has and what you can do with the application.

What is Google Lens?

Google Lens is a mobile application created by Google, and available for both Android and iOS. The application works using the camera of the mobile in which you install it, and uses it to recognize the objects in front of you. All you have to do is point to them, and the application will analyze them using Machine Learning.

When you focus on an object or text, the application will begin to analyze it and recognize what it is. Once it has done this, it will offer you actions to perform that are related to the type of object or text it is facing.

This means that they are not generic actions that are proposed to you for all kinds of things that you target, but depending on whether it is an object, an animal, a plant or a text, it will offer you different results and actions. And even in some cases, the application will suggest more than one action or type of search result related to the object.

To perform these actions, Google Lens interacts with other Google applications, such as the search engine when finding related images or the translator when translating the texts you are targeting in real time. It will also be integrated into other Google applications, such as Google Assistant or Google Photos, which has a button when you are viewing a photo to launch Lens and analyze what is in it.

In the main interface of Google Lens, you will find five different buttons. The central one is the automatic one, which analyzes all the images and tries to always show you the best proposals and results depending on their context. And to your left and right, you have two and two with other types of specific searches and interactions.

On the left you have the options to translate a text that you point to and manage texts, and on the right that of managing purchases and searching for products to buy online, as well as translating menus and searches related to food. These are actions that you can force with their options, but that in generic search mode should also jump when you aim at objects related to them.

Finally, Google Lens can work in two different ways. The normal way is to interact with the things you point to with your camera, but at the top right you will also see the option to use your own photos. With it, you can search the gallery of your mobile so that Lens can do its readings and analysis on photos that you have already taken previously.

How to install Google Lens

Installing the Google Lens application on Android is easy, since it has its own app that you can find on Google Play. All you have to do is search for it with the application store of your mobile and click on the Install button to download and install it. Come on, just like any other app.

If you have an iPhone and an iPad, the process is a bit more complex since Google Lens does not have a separate iOS app. What you have to do is search for the generic Google application in the App Store and install it. When you open it, at the top of the screen you will see the Google Lens icon.

Google Lens technology is also available in Google Assistant for Android, as well as in the Google Photos application that you can download from Google Play and the App Store, so there are two other secondary options to use it.

What can you do with Google Lens?

Next, we leave you a small list with the main functions and actions that you can do with Google Lens. Keep in mind that it is an application in constant evolution, so do not be afraid to try things to discover perhaps new options or others that other users have not noticed.

  • Translate texts in real time when you point at them with the application.
  • Search for words, since if you analyze a text you can also click on individual words to search for them in Google.
  • Copy text in real time, because in addition to selecting a word you can also select a whole text and copy it.
  • Add calendar events when you point at one with your mobile.
  • Make a phone call if you point to a phone number.
  • Add contacts from a business card pointing to it, and let Lens analyze and propose to copy the name, phone and other data.
  • Information about a book just by pointing to it. Google Lens will search for the summary, reviews if available, and a quick link to a full Google search.
  • Information about a particular building that is popular and that you have in front of you just by pointing to it.
  • Learn about flowers and animals by pointing at them and letting Lens tell you their breed or class, and allowing you to search for extended information
  • Read restaurant reviews if you are in front of them, Google will try to read the name on your poster and show you reviews.
  • Search for products to buy by pointing to a curtain, a table or any other object to find it in an online store.
  • Analyze the menus of a restaurant. Do you know that situation where you see things in the letter that you don’t know what they are? Well, point to them and after reading the name Lens will show you a photo and information.

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