Google Photos launches new filters and editing controls for your photos

Google wants to be the storage center for our photos and if a few days ago we talked about the new app PhotoScan to scan these old photos that we have at home, today it is the turn to Google Photos and their latest update to version 2.4.

The latest version of Google Pictures brings several important developments focused on image editing, including new filters and editing options. In addition, Google offers more automatic films and users of countries in which is available can search for faces in which albums appear to know their friends.

Image Source: Google Image

Filter pack

Although the purists prefer not to use them, the fact is that there is nothing like a filter to apply a quick edit to an image. Google Photos already had a set of built -in filters in your mobile app, which by the way had names of celestial bodies.

With version 2.4, Google has released a new set of filters that, in addition to changing its name to others who are more reminiscent of other apps photo editing as Instagram, apply less aggressive edits to images and generally the results are ore natural. Also included is an automatic filter that improves image without actually modifying it substantially.

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More comprehensive editions

If instead you prefer to entertain touching up your photos, Google Photos 2.4 debuts a complete set of tools so you can control every detail of your images.

Before we could only edit lighting, color, add ‘pop’ effect, and vignetting. With the new version we find three sliders, two of which can be expanded to offer many more options editing.

In the light section we can edit a total of seven values, which are exposure, contrast, white, highlights, shadows, black and vignette. Color are five editable values, including saturation, warmth, tint, skin tone and deep blue.

These are the most important news of the new version, but as we said are not the only, Google has also added a feature that will come in handy when people search for tagged images.

Now typing the name of a person labeled in the search bar, and shows the corresponding photos in chronological order, on top of the displayed albums in which is labeled the person in question.

Finally, now Google Photos should begin to suggest more automatic film family, prominent traditions of the year and other important events. Google Photos 2.4 is now available for download from Google Play.