Great Tips to Promote Your Business

There are multiple ways to take your online business to the next level. Given the competition in some markets, not every entrepreneur manages to take advantage and stand out from the rest.

Modern customers are smart, and they will not bother with a brand that lacks certain elements. Of course, there are other factors that can make or break the success of one’s business, but having a proper marketing strategy should help with attracting more customers.

If you feel like you have not been getting the most out of the resources you put in marketing, why not rethink your strategy and introduce some changes? The tips below should give you inspiration.

Tip #1 – Create Custom Merchandise

Custom merchandise like t-shirts, face masks, hoodies, caps, calendars, and phone cases can provide benefits other than just a product you can sell.

You can use merchandise with your brand’s elements like a logo and slogan as complimentary gifts or giveaways on social media. Attending live events like charity marathons wearing t-shirts of your company is also a good way to advertise the brand to spectators.

Printify is one of the best print on demand services around. They allow you to create merchandise without investing in printing machines. You receive the products from one of their printing facilities directly and are free to do what you want with the merchandise.

Tip #2 – Attend Live Events When Possible

Attending live events may be difficult at the moment because of the ongoing pandemic, but there should still be some opportunities if you follow the restriction guidelines in your area.

16.1% of global retail sales were made online in 2020 according to Shopify. Despite the rise of online shops, brick and mortar stores are not going away any time soon. And while you may not attempt to sell directly in these live events, meeting new people will help expand your network of connections.

Someone you meet on a podcast or a conference could prove an asset in the future. Who knows, perhaps you will decide to cooperate with another person and turn your business into a joint-venture.

The bottom line is that getting yourself out there and letting other people know about your business could be beneficial.

Tip #3 – Collaborate With Influencers

The rise of influencer marketing is not that hard to explain. People are likely to trust personalities instead of big corporations. And if someone they follow is advertising a product or service, it is likely that they will check it out.

Collaborating with influencers is common for brands. However, you may struggle to find a reliable influencer with many followers. Moreover, even if you do, there is a possibility that they will ask for a fee you cannot afford.

If so, stick to micro-influencers. They may not have as many followers, but micro-influencers get better engagement rates, and they will not cost as much as an A-tier celebrity would.

Tip #4 – Seek Different Social Media Platforms

Besides focusing on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook, why not try your luck on other, less-known social media sites?

Who knows, you may be one of the first in your industry to establish the brand and get the lion’s share of the market.

New social media platforms appear regularly. Keep an eye on them and jump at an opportunity once it presents itself.

Tip #5 – Start Email Marketing

Some would argue that email marketing is not as effective as it once was. Nowadays, it is difficult to get people to submit their email address to your list. Nevertheless, you can still benefit from the method.

It is recommended to collect emails as soon as you launch your website. Figuring out how to persuade site visitors is quite tricky. You could offer various perks, such as free shipping or a discount for first-time subscribers. Creating an interesting weekly or monthly newsletter would help as well.

Tip #6 – Consider PPC Marketing

Pay-per-click marketing is another somewhat forgotten method. It seems that businesses prefer search engine optimization and social media. Instead of PPC, they emphasize other marketing methods.

However, pay-per-click should have its place in your marketing strategy for the sake of variety.

As the name suggests, you pay for clicks instead of impressions or downloads. Optimizing a campaign may take a while, but you will have the freedom to change keywords and ad copies to increase the click rate and attract relevant website traffic. If you have not tried PPC before, give it a go.

Tip #7 – Focus on Customer Service

Focusing on customer service is not a direct marketing method. It is something you need to consider if you want to create a sustainable business.

If someone visits your website and struggles to reach customer support or finds it difficult to navigate through the site, the chances of them leaving are quite high. The important thing is to make sure that both new and old customers are satisfied with the services you offer.