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Half of consumers leave a mark after a bad customer service

Nothing builds more loyalty than good treatment. That anyone knows any company that it has surprised with an unexpected detail, exceptional kindness or whose assistance has gone beyond the minimum necessary. You know anyone except the marks, of course. Because investing millions in advertising, product sales, but it seems that attention to customer only get the crumbs. Visit http://wikimodel.org/ for more .

That alone explains that certain practices (such as keeping waiting customer, make call thousand numbers of different or, directly, phones do not answer him through certain channels) continue to be the order of the day even though there are multiple studies They certify how much frustration cause your customers.

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However, the truth is that not offer the customer expects attention has a cost for brands and not small precisely. Onestop a new report, reviewed by eMarketer, again emphasizes the fact that consumers are taking steps to their bad experiences, and more and more. Thus, almost half of respondents (47.8%) say they would not buy in a store after a bad customer service, and an additional 27.7% say it is unlikely they returned to shop there. Only 5% believe that it would have no influence on their purchasing decisions later.

By contrast, the chances of re-buy in a store that has already offered a very good customer service are very high: 63.3% of consumers are convinced they would buy, and 31.7% I look very likely. Obviously, no one (less than 1%) looked unlikely to buy back a company that has provided a good experience in the past.

I.e. Caring customer satisfaction has a direct impact on sales results.

In fact, another report Aspect had it shown that more than half of consumers had already stopped doing business with a company due to poor customer service, at least in the retail sector, where expectations appear to be higher (is true, in the case of telecommunication companies, or banks, for example, they were less than those who had abandoned because of bad service).

What is most annoying to the consumer?

Another report recent Magnetic North had thrown happend very similar, with 1 in 3 consumers give up a -and recognizing buy a marker when they had a bad experience with a retailer. Something that was quite common: 9 out of 10 respondents had received some bad customer experience over the past year.

And what are the actions that make it more likely that a consumer is frustrated and change brands? Most have to do with the feeling that you are wasting my time, and 3 out of 4 consumers do not forgive a company through their operator in operator without answer them, that employees do not understand the question that is considering them , having to constantly repeat questions or when buying online, it is difficult to find a customer contact. To be kept waiting too long is also unacceptable for most customers.