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If you are looking for cheap ink, then you may not know where to start but fear not, we have the answers you need! We will take you through all the money saving options you can choose so that you never need to pay above the odds for your ink supplies. Check out our hints and tips below and then get shopping!

Shop Around for Offers

One of the quickest ways to save money on ink supplies is to shop around for offers rather than buying from the same seller every single time. Shops tend to have different items on offer each week as a way o entice customers into the shop, and if you do your research before you go out, you can find the store that has your ink on offer.

While store offers are a great way to save cash, you should not expect to get a huge discount as they still need to make a profit from your purchase. This means that it is not worth driving well out of your way to getting ink that is on offer, but it does work if the store is on your usual route.

Bulk Buy With a Friend

If you are looking for a bigger discount, then bulk buying at an office supplies store may do that for you. However, to qualify for bulk discounts, you will need to purchase a significant amount of stock, and this is only good if you will use the ink before the sell-by date.

One simple way of getting the discount but not ending up with too much ink is to buy with a friend or group of friends that have the same printer as you. You can share out the ink and all benefit from the savings. This method does take a bit of organising but may be worth it if you need lots of ink.

Use a Replacement Service

When you want the cheapest ink, Cannon cartridges can be hard to find on offer. That is why using a replacement ink service is a great choice. Take this cartridge as an example: to get this from a trusted replacement ink supplier like Smart Ink will cost you less than half of what you can expect to pay in a store.

Despite stores providing special offers and bulk buy discounts, you will never be able to achieve the same level of discount as you would with a replacement service. Take your time to find a quality provider and then look forward to the cash you will save.

So, the next time you need to get ink supplies, try out one of our tips and see the amount you can save. Replacement ink is no longer a shoddy service, and if you find the right company, you will be able to enjoy continual savings without the need to do lots of online research. With more people turning to replacement ink services, you can be confident that you are able to get what you need without much fuss and bother. Good luck!