How a mobile phone works

The mobile phone is a modern marvel. It provides us with entertainment, information and communication. It’s impossible to imagine what life could be like without the simple ability to access all of your friends and family plus the accumulated knowledge of the entire human race for reference at the touch of a button. To make sure you’ve got the most up to date model, you need the services of a Vodafone Store Ireland store. Give using that phone tech a go. Why not try searching Vodafone stores near me or, better still, click on the link and access it immediately.

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A mobile phone is, basically, just a simple walkie talkie radio. It runs on the same principles as the technology that was used to develop this handy device. In war time, the Walkie talkie was invaluable to the soldier on the ground for calling in back-ups like airstrikes and artillery. There was a lifeline of communication to the HQ and other units with this small radio in hand.

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The mobile phone works in a similar way. It uses radio waves to link to send out a signal to a transmitter. You can see transmitters for mobile phones on all tall buildings and masts. This allows for a network of coverage that covers the whole of the UK (albeit some areas that still get poor coverage and certain flat spots in valleys and high mountain areas). The other apps and systems that we have are all additions that have tacked themselves on the existing phone. Quite ingenious.

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