How Can I Install New Apps and Games On a Smart/Android TV

With smart TVs and set-top boxes, you can get more from your internet surfing JackpotCity online casino for immersive games. By installing apps on your Android TV, you can get an extensive library of games and media streaming services to have fun in your free time. Fortunately, the Google Play store will allow you to install them easily when connected to your home’s internet network.

Installing a New App on Your Android TV

Use the D-pad or your remote control, select apps on the left side of your home screen. On the right top side of your TV, a menu will appear with the list of apps on your device. Click on the icon “get more apps” or “Google play store.” You will find some of the suggested apps On the Google play store. Select the “apps,” “games,” and “my app” tabs using the d-pad button of your remote control.

Here, you will be able to organize the store with games or apps. To search for a particular app, select the search icon on your TV screen.  Key in the name of the app or game you want to install on your device. As you continue typing, results will start to appear. Using the d-pad, select the app you wish to when it appears. Select Install on the app listing page. You can also scroll down using your d-pad to view screenshots of an app before you download it.

A bar will appear showing the installation progress. When the downloading process is complete, click on the open icon to launch the app. After opening the app, you will now access and open the app on your Android TV Home screen at your own convenient time.

Uninstall an App on Your Android TV

If you no longer need the app on your smart TV, you can install it to free up some storage space. The uninstallation process is straightforward, and you can do it on your Android TV home screen.

Using the d-pad or remote control, select the icon of the app on the left. Highlight the app or game which you would like to uninstall. Hold down the select button on your remote control and then select uninstall in the pop-up menu. When the new interface opens, press “OK” if you’re sure you no longer want to use the app on your TV.

How to update apps and games on your smart TV screen

On your Android TV, open the Play Store. At the top, choose My Apps. Under “Updates available,” you’ll find apps that can be updated. To update an app, select it, or select an update all.

How to turn on the automatic updates of your android TV

On your Android TV, open the Play Store Google Play. At the top, choose My Apps. Select Open settings and then Auto-update apps.

Bottom Line

Whether you’re new to android TV or not, installing and uninstalling a new app should be pretty straightforward. However, it would help if you had a reliable home internet connection to complete the set-up.