carrot on a stick minecraft

How do you make a carrot on a stick Minecraft?

Carrot on a stick in Minecraft is a new item added with the Minecraft 1.7 update, currently available on both PC and Mac versions of the game. This new item is a carrot that has been crafted into a stick to create what is essentially a slightly awkward-looking staff. Do you know how do you make a carrot on a stick minecraft?

What is a carrot on a stick minecraft?

carrot on a stick minecraft

Before you know how to make one, it’s wise to know what exactly the carrot on a stick is. As its name suggests, the carrot on a stick is an item that combines the properties of both carrots and sticks to create a new hybrid item. A player can use this item as a weapon, however, it’s not the most effective as it does a very low amount of damage. Read more: HOW TO MAKE LANTERNS IN MINECRAFT

The carrot on a stick is essentially useless in combat when compared to other weapons more usually found in Minecraft. However, carrots on a stick are still useful items that can be used for their unique ability to make minecarts change direction. They are also required when enchanting fishing rods for certain combinations.

How do you make a carrot on a stick in Minecraft?

The way is simple: Find them in chests throughout your world. You can collect as many as you want, so long as your inventory provides room for them. However, with a little bit of effort, you can also craft them yourself.

To make carrots on a stick you must first collect three carrots and put them in the crafting grid. From here you must add two sticks to create the finished product, which can then be used as a weapon or for other purposes. You might read: What are sponges used for in minecraft

Is carrot on a stick worth it?

Well, this item is very simple to craft and requires only two ingredients that you may already have in your inventory. Because of this, it can be worth getting one if you’re in need of an extra stick or a sword. However, as stated previously, carrots on a stick are somewhat difficult to use as weaponry because they do so little damage. This combined with their rather unwieldy shape makes them a bit of a novelty weapon, best used for entertainment.

carrot on a stick minecraft

If the carrots on a stick are useless in combat, then why have them? Well – there are other purposes. For example, it’s required when enchanting fishing rods. Also, you can sell it to either a villager or a wandering trader for 3-4 emeralds.

Carrot on a Stick Cheats/Glitch?

Currently, there is only one confirmed way of obtaining carrot on a stick in Minecraft. However, a glitch may exist that allows you to create more than two at the same time. If you have tried this glitch and found it successful, or know of any other ways to make them then please comment below!

There are several glitches where you can end up with lots of stacks of carrots and not have a crafting recipe. For example, if you mine a huge underground cavern and place torches along the walls all the way around then it will cause a new world to generate. Then you can fill these 2-high tunnels with carrots (which light up if they are near enough together) so that when the sun comes up it causes lots of carrots to be generated with hardly any effort!

Just remember that this is a glitch and so it may end up in you having to re-install the game.

You can now get your answer, which is very simple as I have described above. I hope that this article can benefit you to know how do you make carrots on a stick in Minecraft.