How to clean mechanical keyboard

How to clean mechanical keyboard?

Are you a good gamer? If so, you will know that you have to have your weapon in good condition. This will be more effective giving you greater speed and sensitivity. Do you think your keyboard needs a tuning? To clean your mechanical keyboard, you can remove all the parts or clean only the area that interests you. We advise doing it in a general way.

Urgent Keyboard CleaningHow to clean mechanical keyboard

Did you get liquid on the keyboard? The first thing you should do before cleaning it is to remove the liquid that you have spilled with kitchen paper or toilet paper.

Then when you have absorbed the liquid, if it is not water that has fallen, take a piece of damp kitchen paper and remove the dirty areas.

General Keyboard CleaningHow to clean mechanical keyboard

Whether we have spilled some liquid or if it is general cleaning of your mechanical keyboard because we see it dirty or we notice it clumsy when we hit the keys, the steps are as follows:

  1. Take a photo.  We recommend taking a picture of the keyboard so that once you want to put it together, you know where the keys or switches are and are placed.
  2. Take out all the keys.  There are many devices to handle the keys, even when you buy a mechanical keyboard you already have a kind of ring with two ends to do it. If you do not have it or you have thrown it away, you can do it with a knife, screwdriver, or an object that makes you pry.
  3. Wash the keys.  Put all the keys in a container and put water at room temperature with a little soap.
  4. Dry the keys. Take all the pieces out of the container, put them on a kitchen cloth, and dry them one by one. Don’t be in a rush in this process. In fact there are people who leave them for days drying in the open air. Another way if you are in a hurry to use your keyboard again would be to blow hot air on them with a blow dryer but not directly.
  5. Clean the Base.  Let’s go for the base of your mechanical keyboard. Turn it upside down and shake it without hitting. Then put it on its back and with a slightly damp cloth (pulling dry), with a few drops of alcohol, wipe it all over the areas

Routine Keyboard Cleaning

If you want to have your mechanical keyboard cleaner and not have to do general cleaning so often, we advise you to buy a can of compressed air.

With this can, you blow air even under the keys, making dust and dirt go away.

If you already have a portable handheld vacuum that can pick up all that dirt that you move around with the can, you will keep your keyboard cleaner for longer.

Materials for cleaning the mechanical keyboard

  • Kitchen or toilet paper
  • Key remover, knife, or screwdriver.
  • Soap
  • Kitchen rag
  • Baize
  • Alcohol
  • Compressed air can
  • Handheld Portable Vacuum Cleaner