How to Color Calibrate Your Mac’s Display

Your Mac is precious to you and as such everything on it and about it should be fixed to suit your taste. That applies to the color of folders no matter their numbers. No doubt those folders in macOS are all a pleasant shade of blue which can lead to a sea of sameness on your desktop that eventually becomes difficult to navigate. When you have lots of folders on your desktop, getting to the one you are looking for in particular can be quite an issue when they all look the same way. But you just cannot help it. Therefore, the simple and straightforward solution to this issue is changing the color of your folders. With different colors for the folders, telling one from the other is as plain and distinct as black and white. This also allows for more customization of your Mac’s color scheme, which adds beauty to your desktop and Mac as a whole. Color calibrating your Mac’s display involves certain steps that have to be followed strictly to get the desired result.

Changing a folder on your desktop to include a custom icon is fairly simple and here is how to do it.

  1. Right-click on your desktop to create a new folder
  2. Click ‘New Folder’ from the menu
  3. Name the new folder you have just created
  4. Check for an image from the internet you would like to use as the folder icon. Bear in mind that macOS is very selective about images it allows. The most successful are PNG files but they may not work on every occasion.
  5. Download the particular image you have chosen on your Mac
  6. Make a right-click of the image and select ‘copy’
  7. Make another right-click but now of the new folder on your desktop
  8. Tap ‘Get info’
  9. Select the folder icon in the menu that appears. Note that a dark blue line will show around it to reflect the folder that has been selected.
  10. Click ‘Edit’ from the menu bar with the icon picked
  11. Select ‘Paste’

Image Source

Photo by Tianyi Ma on Unsplash

If you now know how to change the folder icon without many issues, how about changing the color of the folder? We admit the process is a bit long but when you are done, it will be worth it! When you organize your folders with beautiful colors and you also change your icon, working and concentrating on your work is made easier and faster. Here’s how to change folder color Mac.

  1. Create a folder on your desktop by right-clicking the desktop
  2. Click ‘New folder’
  3. Now name the folder you just created
  4. Make a right-click to the folder
  5. Click ‘Get info’
  6. Select the folder icon in the menu that appears. Note that a dark blue line will show around it to reflect the folder that has been selected.
  7. Click ‘Edit’ from the menu bar alongside the icon selected
  8. Select ‘Copy’ from the menu
  9. Now open the Preview app on your Mac
  10. Click ‘New from Clipboard’ from the menu bar
  11. Since the Preview is open, select the ‘Markup’ tool
  12. Next is to select the color adjustment tool. Bear in mind that in macOS Big Sur, the color adjustment tool in Preview is the exact one in apps like Photos: three sliders. In Prior and Catalina, the color adjustment tool is a prism.
  13. The next step is to make an adjustment to the tint, temperature, sepia, and any other item you so choose to change.
  14. Once you are done with the adjustment of the color in Preview, now select the folder in Preview.
  15. Now click ‘Command + C’ to copy the folder
  16. The next step is to repeat the first five steps of this process if it is the case that you have closed the ‘Get info’ window.
  17. Select the folder icon once again from the ‘Get info’
  18. Click ‘Command + V’ to paste your newly created colorful folder icon
  19. Then close the ‘Get info’ window

And that’s all you have to do to change the color of your folders. Do we know it is a lot of steps, 19?! It is not our fault; unfortunately, Apple has not added a changing of color feature to their MAC, that’s the reason. They also have not made the process simple as a successful change means you have been patient and ready to learn.