How to connect switch to TV without dock

How to connect switch to TV without dock

Nintendo Switch is a hybrid between a portable game console and a desktop game console, so there are many ways to enjoy the games that we have installed: on television, in portable mode, with friends … But, do you always have to depend on the dock? No, we can connect the Switch to a TV without using the included Dock and we will explain how to do it.

This  ‘trick’  is intended to use the  Nintendo Switch connected to a television, but without ‘snapping’ it to the dock. We will continue to depend on it in one way or another, but the intention is that the screen does not have to be stuck there and that, therefore, it can be scratched. Not only can it cause a problem for us to insert the screen there, but transporting the dock can be annoying if we go to friends’ houses because it is a particularly “large” device that we depend on. There are alternatives to be able to play on the television without having to carry this accessory.

  • But first, let’s see what options there are to use the Nintendo Switch. There are mainly three:
  • Connected to the TV via the dock and playing on the screen. You connect the Nintendo Switch to the included dock and it is “projected” on the television.
  • Portable, without a dock, and with the joycons connected on both sides.
  • No dock but on the console screen although with separate Joy-Con. It has a tab on the back to rest it on the table and is a portable console option in multiplayer mode.

Using the Switch on a TV without connecting it to the dockHow to connect switch to TV without dock

First of all, you should be careful with the ventilation holes that the Nintendo Switch has on the back because, if they are covered while we are using the game console in desktop mode, we can have serious problems. You will not be able to reduce the temperature of the interior components and therefore could easily break down. Therefore, it is advisable to have support, and that it has the corresponding holes for the ventilation of the console.

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USB Type C cable extensionHow to connect switch to TV without dock

This type of cable is what we are going to need. The female of the USB Type C will be plugged into the internal connector of the dock, and the male connection will be the one that we will have to plug into the game console. In this way, the console can work connected to the television and in desktop mode, but we will not have to put it inside the dock and, in this way, we will take better care of the surface of the screen.

Without a doubt, it is a solution to avoid having to have the console in the dock, however, it makes us still depend on having the dock connected, that we can have overheating problems in our Nintendo Switch if it does not cool well and that we have to have one more cable or even an additional bracket.

Dock Substitutes: USB-C and HDMI

This second option is more expensive than a USB Type C extension, but it will save us from having to buy a ventilated support. In this case, we have an alternative dock for Nintendo Switch to the original and that, effectively, solves the problem of the accessory that Nintendo officially sells with its video console. We will continue connecting by USB Type C, and by HDMI to the TV, but we will not have to ‘fit’ the screen between the two plastic panels. Thus, the screen will be safe from such scratches and we can continue to use exactly the same functions.

The Nintendo Switch dock, after all, is nothing more than a  USB Type-C to HDMI ‘converter’. And there are other manufacturers that have taken and simplified the idea to launch products like this, much more compact and comfortable if, for example, we want to take the Nintendo Switch on a trip. It solves the problem of possible scratches on the screen and is more compact, yes, but we should take into account what we mentioned about the ventilation inside the console. In addition, it does not prevent us from depending on a dock, either Nintendo’s own or an alternative one, although yes, they can be more comfortable to carry and can avoid the typical scratches on the console screen.

This is the best option if we are looking for something much smaller than the dock since it is uncomfortable to transport it if we are going to travel, to a friend’s house, etc.

USB and HDMI HUBHow to connect switch to TV without dock

Another option is Hub-type accessories. In this case, we can connect by USB Type C to the game console, and we have HDMI and also USB. Once again we must be careful with the ventilation of the console, but the advantage of these accessories is that in addition to being small and light, they will also serve us for modern laptops. And they fulfill the function we are looking for, which is to connect the console to the television without using the original dock.

Other supports or bases

Finally, we can also mention some supports and connectors that have been specially designed for the Nintendo Switch. On the one hand, the supports are a kind of pedestal that holds the console so that it has its own ventilation system and that it can work correctly without problems, but also, it will facilitate the connection. Its great boom makes us find custom models with a gaming theme and based on Mario Bross or other of the best-known titles such as Zelda, etc.