How to delete Telegram messages for the sender and receiver

Communicating through a messaging app has its advantages. In addition to the immediacy, it is also a good way of saying things that we may not dare to say face to face. But this messaging also has a double edge, it is that if we say something and then we repent, our phrase will be recorded for posterity or not.

Telegram announced today a new version of its app in which the option to delete messages and these disappear for both the sender and the receiver is released. But yes, there is a time limit. You can only delete messages that you have sent in the last 48 hours. We explain how to delete messages in Telegram.

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How to delete messages already sent in Telegram

Whether by mistake with the happy self – correcting or because we have not thought twice before clicking on Send, all that has happened to us sending a message that we wish we could erase and with Telegram v.3.16 is now possible.

All you have to do is hold on the message in question until it is highlighted, indicating that it has been selected. If you want to delete more than one message, click on them and finally go to the icon of the trash bin that is on the top right.

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When you click on delete, a window will appear asking you to confirm the deletion of the message. This is very important to select the box to be also removed for the receiver, since otherwise only disappear from your screen.

Keep in mind that the fact delete a message does not ensure that the receiver will not see. In the tests we have been able to verify that a message sent and then deleted is still visible in the preview of the notification, although if they are several messages it can go undetected before the recipient reads them.

This feature works on both individual and group conversations, but only available in the app, browser version does not support this functionality. Needless to say, you can only delete messages that you have sent yourself, those of the rest of the conversation can only be deleted by their respective senders.