How to get to moonlight

How to get to moonlight in “World of Warcraft”

Site of the Lunar Festival and home to the Druids in “World of Warcraft,” Moonlight is nestled between the Dark Coast, Felwood, and Winter’s Cradle. Unlike these three zones, which have more than one point entrance, you can enter the clearing only through a tunnel in Felwood. The tunnel also shares an entrance with a winter’s crib. Traveling through the tunnel is safe unless you have incurred the wrath of the Timbermaw faction.


  • Enter Timbermaw Hold, which is a tunnel at the northern end of Felwood. If you are an Alliance, you can get to Felwood by taking a ship to the Dark Coast, running south until you reach Ashenvale, and then east until you reach the middle of the area. You will find there a path that leads north to Felwood. If you are a Horde, cross into Ashenvale by leaving Orgrimmar from behind and entering Azshara. After entering Azshara, run west on Ashenvale and continue west until you reach the middle of the area.
  • Run through Timbermaw Bastion until you reach a wooden bridge. Turn right and jump over the ledge once you pass the bridge. As you travel through Timbermaw Hold, you will pass several bearlike enemies called Timbermaws. They don’t attack you unless you attack or unless you are hated by the Woodman faction.
  • Turn right and go through another corridor. Continue until you exit the tunnel and enter clear.

Get to Moonglade on foot

  • Take a flight path or walk-in Felwood which is in the northern part of Kalimdor.
  • Walk or ride Timbermaw Hold aboard far north of the area. Timbermaw Hold is a group of three tunnels.
  • Stay left when walking through the tunnel. If you follow the trail, you will find Moonglade on the opposite side of Timbermaw Hold.

Tips & Warnings

Druids can gain the ability to teleport themselves directly to Moonglade once they reach level 10.

Visit the flight path while in Moonglade so you can travel more easily in the future. The flight path is located in the southern part of the area, just off the road.

Avoid rude furbolgs while walking through Timbermaw Hold.