How to install the new Android Emoji N Preview 2 in (almost) any Android?

Are you dying to enjoy the new emojis introduced in the last Preview Android N? Do your conversations are nothing without introducing bacon, paellas or facepalms? Fear not, the community comes out once a rescue trestles to any mobile with Lollipop or higher, but expects that no fine print.

Install the new emoji, based on Unicode 9.0 is not difficult, but there are several prerequisites that must be reckoned with. Besides having Lollipop Android 5.0 or higher, you need to set up a recovery mode (e.g. TWRP) which means that your phone is rooted. But wait, that there’s more: this method seems to fail in many Samsung phones, so if this is your case.

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1. Do not forget to backup

This method of making the latest emoji on your Android involves mashing your current emoji, so it never hurts to make one full backup of the system, if you regret or something goes wrong during the process.

The method varies recovery tool you use and its version, but you should not be difficult to find the option to create a backup of the system. Remember, better safe than sorry.

2. Download the ZIP

The next thing you will need is download the ZIP package with the changes necessary to give your Android emojil a new dimension.

You might not make much illusion install on your mobile mysterious ZIP files found on Internet sites. You do well. In this case, nothing prevents you take a look at the file updater-script, detailing exactly what happens when you install this ZIP.

Basically the only thing that also makes display explanatory text is replacing four files in the system Android: NotoColorEmoji.ttf, fallback_fonts.xml, fonts.xml and system_fonts.xml.

set_perm (1000, 1000, 0644, “/system/fonts/NotoColorEmoji.ttf”);

set_perm (0, 0, 0644, “/system/etc/fallback_fonts.xml”);

set_perm (0, 0, 0644, “/system/etc/fonts.xml”);

set_perm (0, 0, 0644, “/system/etc/system_fonts.xml”);

3. Install it

Already you have the ZIP? Great. Copy it to a folder on your phone and reboot in recovery mode. The next step is to install it in the usual process of Install – ZIP and localizing its location in the archives.

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The process should not take more than a couple of seconds. When finished, restart to start enjoying your emoji using your favorite application keyboard.

4. Enjoy your emoji

The new emoji should be applied at the system level in all applications, which means you really need not change keyboard to use. In any case, if your manufacturer has a custom keyboard too, it could be the case that new emojis will not appear. For such cases you can try more generic and keyboards that of Google.

Before sending bacon emotions all your friends, remember that they cannot see emoji unless your system also supports it. For example, Marshmallow 6.0.1 supports up to Unicode 8.0. Older versions are probably stuck in the ancestral Unicode 6.1.