how to join google classroom in mobile

How to join google classroom in mobile?

Classroom is one of the most famous and used platforms that the network makes available to students and schools for online study. In times like this, distance learning represents a significant reality for many pupils. Therefore, the need arises to equip each child with a tool that is able to support his study, allowing him to participate in lessons and take part in school activities, as if this were carried out in person. In this guide we want to show you how to access Classroom from a smartphone . Let’s see how to proceed.

How to join google classroom in mobile?

It must be said that it is possible to log into Classroom with two different types of user accounts. The first account with which you can use the platform in question is that of the school to which the student belongs, also known as the Google Workspace for Education account. This tool is configured by an accredited school, which then provides all the data to the student to allow immediate access. This type of account has a format such as student If you do not know or have lost your Google Workspace for Education account details, you will need to ask your teacher or school digital administrator.

Use a personal Google account to log in

However, it is also possible to access your Classroom account through your personal Google account: in this case, this account can be configured independently by the student or by one of his parents or by a guardian. In general, the personal Google Account is used outside of the school environment, for example when you are part of an association or in any case in the context of a home education context. Finally, it should be added that, by virtue of the provisions of the privacy regulations, parents and guardians are not allowed to access Classroom or the student’s homework. Subject to authorization to be requested from the teacher, the parent can only receive summaries via email regarding the school performance of their child.

Log in via the Classroom app

But now let’s see, in detail, how to access Classroom directly from your smartphone device. Before starting, you will need to install the Classroom app on your device. Once inside the application, you will need to tap on Classroom and then activate the “Start” option. Then enter the email address of your Classroom account and tap on “Next”. If a welcome message appears, read it and click “Accept”. In a few seconds you will be oriented directly within Classroom. If you use an Education Fundamentals account instead, you will need to click on the relevant section, or on “I am a student”, then continue the login procedure in the same way we have described.