make lanterns in Minecraft

How to make lanterns in Minecraft

Making Lanterns in Minecraft is not hard but it can be a tricky job. Minecraft is one of the most famous games around the world which has more than 135 million users and it’s growing day by day. This 10 years old sandbox game has tons of variety exciting content that give players to create and explore the virtual world that is made by them. With so many new gamers it is pretty hard to find which items can be useful and how they can be made. Gamers can create several decorative items like sea pickles, flower pots, bookshelves, and lanterns, etc. The Lantern is one of the most popular decorative block items that can light up dark places. It usually used to be for decorating a player’s home as well as farms, tunnels, etc. There are many types of lanterns regular lanterns, soul lanterns, sea lanterns, etc.

Follow the steps below for finding out how to make lanterns-

How to make a General Lantern

  • Required materials: For crafting any items gathering required materials is necessary. You need some iron nuggets which you can make from iron ingots or you can melt down iron armor. Also some torches and a little bit of coal. To be precious, you need in total 8 iron nuggets and 1 torch.
  • Open crafting menu: At first, open the craft table and the 3×3 crafting grid area will show.
  • Add items to the menu: This is your classic crafting where set iron nuggets around one torch. After fitting this item in correct patterns lantern will appear in a box next to the crafting grid. This is the crafting recipe for making a lantern in Minecraft.
  • Move into the Inventory: After successfully crafting a new lantern, you need to move it to the inventory. Now, you made a lantern in Minecraft.

How to make Soul Lantern

There is another version of a lantern in Minecraft. It is the same as regular except it has blue and scares off Piglins which is one of the tough creations who fear the soul light. You can make a soul lantern by using a soul torch in the crafting recipe. For making a soul torch you need to combine coal, stick, and piece of sand soil/ sand in a crafting recipe. The sand soil can only be found in Soul Sand Valley and soul sand can find in the Nether. The recipe for making a soul lantern is the same as the general lantern, just use the soul torch instead of the regular one.

How to make a Sea Lantern

This lantern is usually used to light things up underwater. Gamers might need to create a Potion of water breathing before making a sea lantern. Gamers will need Prismarine Crystals and Prismarine Shards to create a Sea Lantern that can be only found after defeating Guardians and Elder Guardians which are found at Ocean Monuments. This material can only be found underwater. A total of 4 Prismarine Shards and 5 Prismarine Crystals will need to make a sea lantern. Needs to arrange it properly by putting a Prismarine Shard in each corner and crossing out of the Prismarine Shards in the center of the crafting area. Now move the new lanterns to inventory.

How and where to use

Lanterns can be hanged above or below most solid blocks. You can hang from a ceiling and then you can unplace them with a pickaxe and they don’t get destroyed. A lantern drops itself when you broke it with a pickaxe. But, when broke lantern without a pickaxe it does not drop. If the supporting block is removed the lantern can fall. You can use regular lanterns as lamp posts or lamps above farms and in bastion remnants or on some buildings in snowy tundra villages. They can also stand on things and can connect to the chains. The emitting light level of the lantern is 15 and 10 for the soul lantern.

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