How To Make Mushroom Soup In Minecraft

How To Make Mushroom Soup In Minecraft?

The soup is a delicious culinary preparation. Who can forget the magnificent Grandma’s soup? The answer is: nobody, soup is a liquid food with small pieces of solids. The most popular are: chicken and Beef. There are infinities of types and recipes to make Soup. Even in Minecraft World, we have our own Recipe. It is the revitalizing Mushroom Soup, very effective to consume when our Hunger level is critical. If Are you interested in knowing How to make Mushroom Soup in Minecraft? Continue reading the article and find out how.

How To Make Mushroom Soup In Minecraft?

How To Make Mushroom Soup In Minecraft

Mushroom Soup has the ability to increase our Hunger levels, it can regenerate the same amount of points as cooked Meat (4 Hunger points) and its ingredients are much easier to obtain, which makes it a more accessible food to be created.

Making a Mushroom Soup in Minecraft

It’s Cooking Time! Preparing a Mushroom Soup in Minecraft is very simple. We just have to have the following materials:

Wooden bowl: It is a kind of deep plate that is made of wood. In order to obtain Wood stories, you only need to Craft 2 units of Planks of any type of wood (Spruce, Oak, Acacia, among others) and BOOM! We will obtain 4 units of Wooden Bowl (this element is reusable).

Mushrooms: To give the touch of madness to our soup we need the crucial ingredient. These are the Mushrooms or Mushrooms. We can find them in their Biome of origin (Mushroom Island), in the lower part of the gigantic mushroom trees or in places with poor lighting, such as caves. It is important to keep in mind that you need to have a Brown Mushroom and a Red Mushroom to be able to prepare the Soup.

Once all the materials have been obtained, we proceed to place them on our work table, respectively: 1 Brown Mushroom, 1 Red Mushroom and a Wooden Bowl. Next, we carry out the Crafting of these elements.

And ready friends, our Mushroom Soup will be finished. Additionally, we can find another way to get mushroom soup. It involves milking a Mushroom using a bowl to store the product obtained from this particular cow. If we use a bucket instead of obtaining Mushroom Soup, we will have Cow’s Milk. Interesting! I hope it has been helpful!

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