How to Make the Most from your Website

For most businesses now, a good website is one of the most important sales tools that you can have. Gone are the days when flyers through doors, or advertising billboards were the way to get people engaging with your company – today it is all about using the internet to get your brand out there and be seen. With the help of a marketing strategy consultant you can also utilise things like social media to get the best from your brand – so what do you need to be doing when it comes to your website to make sure you are presenting yourself as the best you can be?

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When it comes to the design of your site, it can be tempting to make it really busy and colourful – DON’T! Keeping the colours and design more minimal is a much better experience for the users of the site, use two or three colours that tie in nicely with your logo.

On the subject of colours, think about the colours that you are using – don’t underestimate the power of using the right colour for your brand – there are a lot of guides online to using colour for marketing, and you will be amazed at the effect it has on your brand!

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Be consistent – consistency is really important – in font and style, the key to a good website is consistency throughout. Take care that all of your pages are the same style and that the customer experience is good.

Remember to make sure that your site is mobile friendly. Most people now use their mobiles to access the internet and if your site isn’t mobile friendly you could be missing out on a huge number of customers.