How to suggest friends on Facebook

How to suggest friends on Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg’s popular social network is based on friendship relationships, that is, two people are united if they are friends on Facebook. In this way, one can see what the other publishes, mention themselves in posts or comments, see their profile photos and image albums, etc. Surely on more than one occasion some of our friends on Facebook have also wanted to be friends with other friends of ours within the social network, but we have not found an easy way to recommend one of our friends to another friend. The usual thing is to tell him what his name is on Facebook or share the link to his profile with him, however, there is a faster and easier way to do this. Next, we are going to show you how to suggest a friend to someone on Facebook.

In this way, it will be enough to suggest one of our friends to someone so that they can directly find them on Facebook and send them a friend request. If all goes well, in a few moments we will be able to connect two people who until now were not friends on Facebook and they can easily start being friends.

So you can suggest a friend to someone on FacebookHow to suggest friends on Facebook

And it is that sometimes, it can be quite difficult to find someone on Facebook to send a friend request, since there may be a name by which we may not be looking for it. However, if one of our friends is already friends with that person, we can ask them to suggest someone request friendship. Like ourselves, we can suggest a friend to one of our Facebook friends.

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If we want to suggest a friend to someone on Facebook, the first thing we have to do is open a browser window on our PC and enter our Facebook profile. Once there, we look for the friend to whom we want to suggest someone and from their profile, we click on Friends to display the options and select the option Suggest friends.

This will open a new window from which we can search and select our friends to suggest to the person (a friend on Facebook), which we have previously selected. To suggest any of our friends to that other friend, just click on the Suggest friend button that is displayed next to each of them on the list.

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