how to use the star walk 2 app

How to use the star walk 2 app

In the steps of the following guide, I will explain how to best use the Star Walk 2 app. The version allows any user to be able to clearly view certain planets during the night, shooting stars, as well as the constellations of the sky. The Star Walk 2 app can be used through your smartphone, which in this case becomes a sort of telescope. The same goes for the iPhone and the tablet. However, it is necessary that all the devices mentioned have a regular internet connection.

How to use the star walk 2 app?

First of all, it is essential to proceed with the installation of Star Walk 2, bearing in mind that it is suitable for both the iOS and Android operating systems. Go to the App Store section of your smartphone or iPhone and, using the appropriate search engine, search for the Star Walk 2 app. Once found, click on the relative icon to start the installation phase. Wait the necessary time for the installation to finish, after which you will be able to start using this app. Note that the installation procedure is the same even if you are using a tablet instead of a smartphone.

How Stark Walk 2 works

As for the operation of Star Walk 2, it must be said that everything is extremely intuitive. Through a special tap on the device screen, the app accesses the camera and overlays the entire sky over everything that is seen in front, both above and below the horizon. Consequently, it is possible to see the stars even in the daytime sky, even if a better vision of the latter is offered through the overlay of the screen during the night hours, ie, when the stars are fully visible. By doing so, it is possible to discover names, constellations, planets and orbits. By turning the device, the sky changes in real time and therefore, you have the feeling of being surrounded by an immense and detailed map of the galaxy.

The time machine option of Star Walk 2

Among the various options of Star Walk 2, there is the one inherent to the “time machine.” In fact, it allows the user to carry forward time in order to witness the various changes, as well as to be able to delay it in order to better grasp all the aspects of these changes in detail. Along with this option, special filters are also available to be able to see the sky directly under X-rays. In addition, it is also possible to find out the exact time when the sun sets and at the same time follow the various phases of the moon, or from the growing moon to the waning moon. Still in the context of the “time machine,” the user can make use of a convenient clock that is able to provide the exact time depending on the position in which he is at that precise moment.

The pros of Star Walk 2

Turning now to illustrate what are the advantages of Star Walk 2, it must be said that in the first place, you have the possibility of having rather detailed information on each star, with the possibility of enlarging the screen of the device according to your needs. Furthermore, the app enables the user to be able to know the occurrence of eclipses, meteor showers and supermoons well in advance. Further benefits of Star Walk 2 include the possibility of obtaining all the information regarding the sunset and the exact position of the International Space Station.

Before installing the Star Walk 2 app, make sure there is enough memory on your device.