Huawei will install the app TrueCaller on its high-end, the Honor 8 will be the first

When we get a new mobile Android, there are a number of apps pre-installed we cannot remove the terminal. The Google service package is common to all; apps like Gmail, Chrome, Google Maps or YouTube cannot be removed from the device and if you do not want to have to use disable, but will remain on the mobile. But there are brands that go beyond and also include other external apps to the platform such as the recently announced agreement between TrueCaller and Huawei .

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The Chinese company has begun collaboration with the popular TrueCaller calling application, which we can expect to find in high – end devices of the brand from next September, starting with the newly released Honor in August.

TrueCaller is an app that provides advanced telephone features, like the ability to block telemarketing calls, identify the person who is calling us but not have it in contacts (even offline) and even can tell us if a friend is available or not before calling.

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Huawei is going through its best and already holds the second mobile manufacturers, Samsung just behind, while China stands as leader. Meanwhile, TrueCaller is a popular app with a share of 90 million monthly active users and the agreement with Huawei insurance skyrocket use even more.

We do not know if TrueCaller can be removed from the Huawei mobile in which comes pre-installed, but considering that the company can eliminate many of the apps that come standard, we hope that with TrueCaller follow the same path and give users the option who wants to uninstall. The app will begin to reach devices brand from next September.