iOS 10

iOS 10: Top notifications, more complete Siri and all the innovations that come to iPhone

iOS 10 has already been presented. Apple has used its inaugural WWDC conference this year as planned to advance the news that iPhone users can install free at year – end operating system level.

iOS 10 hit the market with important new features in the operating system interface , as well as some features. We leave you with the main features of release or improved Apple has overtaken us.

iOS 10
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Notifications to the height

Access to information more direct way is the first step will come with iOS in October. Notifications are now more interesting, with more information, more visually powerful and direct interactions, which are especially powerful by using 3D, Touch, it seems that it will become more important with iOS 10.

In the lock screen widgets and we will also developments in the control center. In addition, you will not need to touch the screen or controls on your phone, just lift him.

Siri comes to other applications

Siri, one of the great strengths of the iPhone and iOS, will be more useful in iOS Apple 10 to have opened its API to third parties, but focused on messaging, sports applications, payments, search…

Keyboard QuickType

Quicktype is the novelty related to the iOS keyboard that we will see 10 acts in line with Siri and suggestions in addition to typical text or change the keyboard language automatically; Siri will be responsible for providing related information and could fit with our responses, such as contacts or calendar appointments.

Face Recognition in Photos

The application Photos recovers prominence in iOS 10 and the two most interesting developments have to do with the search, more complete in its filters, as well as places and faces, as face recognition is included. Also becomes more powerful recognition of objects and scenes for searches. The Memories function with which mounts or albums retrieve the iPhone brings itself is also added.

Maps Redesign

Apple Maps, and improve the possibility of making restaurant reservations or services like Uber directly from the application, redesigns, including carplay version with better directions while driving, auto zoom and more personalized details that can change. Moreover, Maps adapts to our use and adds traffic alerts supported areas.

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New application for IoT

Home is a new application that comes with IOS 10 and is for that we can control compatible devices HomeKit even using Siri through more intuitive commands and instructions.

More interactive messages

Messages application stays true to iOS exclusive but Apple has not left aside. Aware that quite used among users iOS, gives given the possibility of including stickers, more message formats with videos and images, quick responses and direct connection with other services and applications.

If you want to use the new iOS 10 beta, developers can test already, and public beta is relegated until July. The end will come from September, and leave aside the iOS devices with A5 processor.