Logitech Mouse

Logitech Mouse Not Working how to fix it?

Logitech is a famous tech gadget company that produces accessories for computer users. This company produces a mouse and keyboard. And this company produce world best mouse and keyboard. But sometimes Logitech Mouse not working.

Here some solutions to fix the Logitech mouse.

Connect the device properly

A Wireless mouse has a device to connect the mouse with a computer. Sometimes users do not connect it properly. In that case, open the device and connect it properly. If the solution does not work then check the port. Because the computer has various types of ports and every port are not support the USB. To identify the ports which allow the USB. Then enter the device to the right port. Now check the mouse is it working or not.

Check Mouse Properly

After a long time of service, every device’s performance decreases day by day. Sometimes computer port does not work or disconnect during the working period. In that case, before buying a new mouse it will be better to check the mouse. To check the mouse, you need another computer. Do not you do not have to another computer. You do it on your family member’s computer or friend’s computer. This procedure takes less than 30 seconds. Just connect your receiver and check. If the Logitech Mouse not working then you can sure that it is not your computer problem. The problem is about of mouse.

Change Batteries

The mouse which has a wire they are directly connected to the computer. And the computer supplies the power to the mouse by wire. But there is no option to get power from a computer which mouse has no wire, especially a wireless mouse. These types of the mouse are depending on batteries for the power supply. And the power off is a common problem for Logitech Mouse not working. So, remove the batteries for few minutes then put them again. And check the mouse is working or not. If the mouse does not working then buy new batteries and replace them.

Uninstall Mouse Driver

If the all solution does not work then there may be a software issue. It means that the software does not work properly. In that case, the user has to find out the software. Otherwise, Logitech Mouse not working even the mouse is okay or the user buys a new one. In windows, there is a built-in software for the mouse which is known as Driver. This type of driver handles the connection between the computer and other accessories. This driver translates the input that the user command by the device. To handle the driver problem you can follow these steps below

Step 1: Click Win + R, After clicking a pop-up window will be display

Step 2: Enter “devmgmt.msc” in the text box where the text icon is dazzling

Step 3: After entering the command, a list will be display

Step 4: Select the “Mice and other pointing devices”

Step 5: Now expand the selected option

Step 6: After expanding, a menu will be shown

Step 7: Now point on the “Uninstall device”

Step 8: Click Right on the pointed command and now here you do not need to do any task

Step 9: Now click on the window button

Step 10: Restart the computer

After click on the “Uninstall device” If you think you lost the driver and you do not know how to get back the driver. Don’t worry, the computer will recover it automatically when you restart your pc.

Change the Place

Before the mouse cursor moves from one place to another place with help of the ball. Yeah, the old version mouse had a ball when a user moves the mouse the ball spin but nowadays the modern mouse has not any ball. Instead of a ball now use light. Now the movement of the cursor is dependent on mouse light which is located under the mouse. So light reflection can affect the mouse performance. In that case, change the surface. A mouse pad can be best to solve it. Keep reading The 6 Best Gaming Joysticks for PC.