Microsoft Edge again boast of security against Google Chrome and Firefox

We live in a time when browsers to perform searches on the network have a more fierce competition. Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, Opera and the king of all, Google Chrome is embroiled in controversy over which is better, which consumes fewer resources or that is safer.

We have seen studies that support answers for everyone, sometimes oriented in one direction or another by different interests. And all that existed comes to add a new one in which Microsoft Edge comes out winner of the triumvirate known as the safest browsers.

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These results have come from NSS Labs with a study which states that the default browser that comes with Windows 10 is safer than previously thought, going over their counterparts Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

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A conclusion is reached after conducting various tests that sought to reflect in greater or lesser extent the most common risks in day to day as we move through the network. So they have had three different browsers malwares as well as attacks phishing. To do these versions have been used:

  • Google Chrome: Version 53.0.2785
  • Microsoft Edge 38.14393.0.0
  • Mozilla Firefox: Version 48.0.2

Malware and phishing to find weaknesses

Tests that yielded the following figures in which Microsoft Edge victorious. With numbers in hand Microsoft’s browser could detect 91.4% of attacks from phishing and blocking 99% of malware to which he was subjected. A very high percentage that fell Chrome, which stood at 82.4% yy 85.8% effective respectively while Firefox detected 81.4% of attacks phishing and 78.3% of malwares.

If we ignore these figures it seems that Microsoft put the batteries and have done a great job with Microsoft Edge, taking a big leap in quality compared to Internet Explorer. In this way and if you do not use Chrome is essential for some of the extensions that owns, Edge can be an interesting alternative, but still has a long way to go to approach the possibilities offered by the Google browser.

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