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Why you need apk cleaner apps?

The average range of Android is around 4 GB of RAM + 32 GB of internal memory, the high range dances between 4, 6 or 8 GB of RAM, and reaches configurations of 64 to 256 GB of ROM but … We continue using apk cleaner apps to boost up performance.

It’s time to talk, again, about why you need an optimizer on your Android, and why users continue to install apk cleaner apps on their smartphones. If you want to know the whole truth about these cleaners, stay with us.

How RAM works?

The RAM, as its own name indicates -Random Access Memory-, is a temporary storage, to which the system has access at all times. It is a working memory, in which information related to all the processes that the phone has to manage is loaded.

If you open WhatsApp, the data will be sent to RAM, and in a later opening of the app, since the process is already loaded, it will open much faster. The applications need to work in the background, and believe it or not, this does not kill your battery or anything like that, because the system knows how to manage RAM. A separate case is that the application has zero optimization, in which case the system itself cannot properly manage the resources it demands, and this is when the problems arrive.

Android follows the maxim of “RAM not used, RAM wasted”. Have 2, 3 or 8 GB of RAM, more than half of these gigs will always be occupied. Android distributes the processes to keep the maximum possible information in the RAM memory, since it is the best way to manage the performance of the terminal.

The problem is that Android is free, and developers can screw up making applications that demand too many resources. Applications, such as Facebook, are much more demanding of resources than they should be. By requiring both the system, it must allocate much of the RAM to processes such as Facebook, and take priority from others that should be active, but that are closed so that the app can remain open.

These inconsistencies are what create problems, but the way to fix it is not to install a cleaner. You will understand it very easily, when you understand how a cleaner works, and what its true purpose is .

How apk cleaner work?

The cleaners are basically for limp … To earn money. Filled with ads, sending information to servers to make money (not all, but many), consuming more resources than they promise to save. Anyway. These applications have some basic functions.

  • Clean the cache of your mobile (the only thing they do well, and something you can do yourself from the settings)
  • Clean large files (this also works well, and you can do it too)
  • Clean RAM (bad subject)
  • Add a boost to your mobile (God knows what to go faster)
  • Control your mobile’s battery (spend more than you save)

The issue is easy, most apk cleaner eliminate all applications by force closing, not just remove them from multitasking. This implies an immediate consequence, the applications reopen to occupy their space in RAM, with the consequent expenditure of CPU and RAM.

“The boost they promise” is nothing more than the temporary increase in performance that can give a low-end phone to close processes. However, after a few minutes, everything will return to its channel, so it makes little sense.

What to do to optimize your mobile?

Optimizing the mobile does not happen by using third-party applications, but because you are the one who takes care of it. Do not install badly optimized applications such as Facebook, take care once a month to clean the cache, close your own large games or applications that will not run again later in the background.

In this way, you will save battery, increase the performance of your mobile, and you will not have problems of any kind, beyond the hardware limitations of your mobile.

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5 Best apk cleaner apps

You have already know now that an apk cleaner application for Android does not do much beyond performing certain steps automatically that you can also do manually. But if you are one of those people who use apk cleaner apps to keep your Android clean and fast then here are the 5 best apk cleaner apps according to reviews you can try …

These free apk cleaner apps will allow you to do a complete cleaning of your Android, free up space in the internal memory, clean the phone from useless files and at the end to free up internal memory on Android.

Let’s get to know these best apps that will allow you to clean Android in a complete, fast, simple and completely automatic way.

1) Clean Master

Developed by Cheetah Mobile, it is one of the most powerful and complete apk cleaner for cleaning on Android. It’s a smart tool that does it all by itself: once started, it searches and finds useless files and junk files on Android to free up space and internal memory.

Among the additional features, we find an integrated antivirus (not very useful but appreciated) and the ability to hide certain photos from the internal memory, so as to keep them away from prying eyes. There is also a function that optimizes battery consumption to increase the autonomy of the device, also freeing up RAM.

Among the proposed programs, this is probably the most complete and powerful. Definitely try it!

Note: It’s free, but with a bit of ads to bear.

2) Super Cleaner

Another apk cleaner for Android very complete and similar to the previous one. But it has some different features: it also offers the device booster and the battery saver, but the graphics are slightly different.

There is also the possibility of hiding the photos from the internal memory to protect them from prying eyes.

Interesting the Game Booster function, which pushes the smartphone to the maximum, freeing up memory during gaming sessions.

Do not miss the classic functions to clean or clear the cache and delete useless and junk files, which allow you to free up space and internal memory on Android.

Note: This app is also free, but with advertising inside.

3) Power Clean

Third proposed apk cleaner, but very valid and different from the other two at least on the interface.

This is a very complete solution for cleaning Android and optimizing your smartphone and system, which also allows you to delete junk files left behind by apps and uninstalled programs.

It is a very complete solution also to free up the phone memory, very useful to use when you have run out of memory or free space on your Android. Obviously before deleting any type of file the app will ask for your permission, so as not to remove important or indispensable elements, but in general I can assure you that it works well and has never given any kind of problem.

Note: The app is free but supported by advertising.

4) Super Speed Cleaner

We are dealing with another great apk cleaner to delete and delete useless files on Android. Easy to use, with a nice interface, it’s really easy to use and powerful.

Allows you to take action on cleaning Android, perform a virus scan, free and empty RAM and much more.

Interesting the function that signals the least used apps and advises to uninstall them, freeing up space and internal memory on Android.

Note: The app is free with advertising but if you want you can eliminate advertising via in-app purchases.

5) Clean My Android

This is also a great apk cleaner to speed up and optimize the slow Android smartphone.

In total autonomy, this app analyzes which apps are slowing down the smartphone and closes them completely, freeing up RAM and system resources.

Other interesting features include the antivirus and the Gaming mode (already seen in other apps on the list).

The amazing thing about this app is the extremely low weight: less than 3MB for a great cleaner for Android.

Ah, I almost forgot: the app is also exceptional in terms of ease of use. Just press a button to start cleaning Android and let the program do everything.

Note: The app is free with ads within.


It is advisable that you let Android work as you see fit. The system is optimized to flow in the best possible way, you do not need extra help. But if you were looking for an apk cleaner, one of these apps will surely be for you. Try them all and let us know which one you prefer among those we have proposed.