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New Age of the Cloud

The Internet has taken over lives completely to the point that many people cannot probably consider a life without the availability of the internet at this point and time. Though it comes to people with some toxic factors, the goodness and the resources it has offered them has been tremendous, and that is something even the most cynic of people cannot disagree with. Anyone who knows the internet knows that any services and transactions conducted via the internet fall under the blanket term of cloud computing. Recently, cloud migration has been gaining immense importance.

What is Cloud Migrating:

Here is a further look into the massive field of cloud migration. Cloud migration is basically the transfer of data to a cloud computing environment. There is an inevitable habit of maintaining every record in the form of a hardcopy, we swear by the written documentation more than anything else but in recent times and with the world changing recent events there has definitely been a hike in cloud migration. Every organisation has started to transfer their work related and employee related data to the more secure and long lasting system of the cloud. So, what is currently practiced widely is the transfer of data from an on premise data center to the much bigger and public platform of cloud.

When everyone is doing something in common there should definitely be a necessity for doing the same. This applies to cloud migration as well, it provides great elasticity and self sufficiency to the work. It helps reduce redundancy and has a more flexible set up, the data is easy to access yet the security can be amped up to an unfathomable extent.


Though highly beneficial the transfer of such huge chunks of data can be exhausting. It does not happen with a swish of the knife, there would be a lot of energy, effort and time applied to make the transfer happen smoothly. There will be a need to figure out the amount of data to be transferred, how much work needs to be done to migrate the data and of course the organisation of the data in a systematic manner, it is not an easy task. To make this easier there are certain companies that provide tailored services for the same.


Cloud is not a simple entity there are a few types to it and it is upto you to choose the one that suits your needs the best. Giving you a small insight into the types, here are the variations, there is the public cloud where the data is owned by a third party vendor and is available over the public internet. Then comes private cloud, where all the resources are owned by a single organisation and they control the flow and storage of the data by themselves. Next comes the hybrid cloud which is a mix of both private and public cloud alike. Finally, there is the multi cloud, as the name suggests, it is the occurrence of multiple clouds in one environment, this is the most popular one among organisations.

This is just a small peep into the huge concept of cloud migrating, there are still many more topics that you would like to explore if this piece interests you.