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Nine almost indispensable applications to work with your photos in Windows

When it comes time to work with our pictures on the computer or our phone or tablet is often raised the question What application can I use? And it is that the catalog of options is almost incapable, with options for all tastes and styles.

Each one has their preferences according to their needs, but at the time of establishing a list yes we could list the most popular ones. This is the purpose of this guide. To make known what can be the seven most interesting applications when editing our photographs in Windows.

Adobe Photoshop

I could not miss it. The best known, most popular among photo editing programs. It may be the most used photo-editing program and is that the possibilities it offers are almost endless. Working with layers, deleting objects, managing light, complements, the function of Imagenomic …

The catch of Adobe Photoshop is that it is not a cheap program. Whether in the individual version or if we choose to try out the entire Adobe Suite the price is a major handicap. However at least we can try 30 days free to check if it is what we are looking for.


I could not miss it. How many times have we searched for an accessible program that allows us to edit our photos in a simple way and without complex menus. A program to edit photos that has a clean interface that make it accessible to all users.

Paint.NET makes available to all users an affordable photo edition, and as in the previous case we can not demand the professional services that we will find in payment programs. In this sense, highlights the absence of filters and add-ons for editing but … you cannot have everything right?


One of my favorites when it comes to working with photographs. In all my devices I always have it installed and I use it frequently. And is that Polarr is a multiplatform app available for Windows, iOS and Android.

The menu offered is intuitive and functional and will allow us to apply filters and effects to our photos. In my case, also I always use it in combination with After Focus or Snapseed and the results that are obtained are surprising.

Adobe Lightroom

If Photoshop is the star of Adobe, Lightroom is not lagging behind in popularity. This is one of the most popular photo editing programs that allows us to work with our photos achieving amazing results.

It is not as powerful or varied as Adobe Photoshop, but it is that its main objective although it is similar, is not the same. With Lightroom we will work more on aspects such as lighting, colors … it is almost complementary to Photoshop and professional photographers use them combined to achieve better results. The negative part? It is payable and not cheap.

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One of the most recent photo retouching programs and one of the most interesting alternatives to Adobe Photoshop. It is an application for working with images that is based on KDE; a “Suite” focused initially for use by professional illustrators but has ended up acquiring functions that make it more open. In addition, it is free.

Photo Lab Pro

We are as in other cases before a cross-platform application available for iOS, Windows and Android. A lighter application that allows us to give a different touch to our images.

For this it has an accessible and intuitive menu that will allow playing with colors, lights, adding professionally designed filters, stickers or even creative frames. Unlike Krita is not a free application but for 1.99 dollars it costs I do not think it is impediments to be able to prove it.


Another rival for Adobe Photoshop. An application with great potential in terms of the possibilities it offers but with a factor to be taken into account. It is free and that, in the times that are running is not something ballad.

An ideal application for those who want to edit their photos and do not want to go through the box, especially in cases where the application will be used sporadically. GIMP is also a portable application, that is, we can carry it on our pendrive and use it on any computer. And it’s open source too.

Adobe Photoshop Express

If you do not want to have to go through the box, the other option is to use Adobe Photoshop Express, a simple and free image editor that of course, offers less performance than the payment version while being lighter.

It is also an application available on different platforms. So we can use it in Windows, iOS and Android allowing us to work with a basic edition that will get us out of trouble when we want to give our images a different look.

Corel DRAW

To many it can surprise the presence of Corel DRAW in this list but is perhaps that happens to be the main rival of Adobe Photoshop in what to retouch photographic refers. But what is the reason why it does not sound so much like the other programs we’ve seen before?

Corel DRAW is designed, and this is the difference, especially for professional environments that require more power and options to work with our images. Corel DRAW, more than an isolated program, is like the Adobe Suite a set of programs that offer a great performance and than expected, are not free.

These are just a few programs but the list is almost endless. These are the ones that I like the most and in the list there are other very interesting ones like Polarr, Pixlr or Fotor. Sure you have your favorite and I could not be in this list, so do not hesitate to leave your comment with your favorite application.

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