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Nine coloring apps for adults

To this day, on an Android device can do almost anything for which we had to spend paper. We can read a book, we can make the list of the purchase, write the ideas that we go through the head for the future best-seller (or failure), and even color without spending our precious paintings.

A task that has always seemed suitable for the youngest of the house has also proved to be a relaxing activity for adults. I have to admit that it pisses me off (except coloring deer astronauts, as we shall see), but I sacrificed myself to serve you some of the best coloring apps available on Google Play.

coloring apps
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Recolor – Coloring Book

Recolor is, for many coloring fans on your smartphone, one of the best-known applications, and it is in that I colored a beautiful deer astronaut. There are free drawings, but several of the more elaborate ones require you to take out the wallet, as well as apply some of the colors, such as metallic ones.

The operation is very simple, just select the desired drawing, the color you want to apply and touch the area to color. If you want to paint smaller areas, you can use the clamp gesture to zoom in on the image. The job is saved automatically so you can continue whenever you want.

Pigment – Coloring Book

Here we have another application, just as simple to use and with drawings that are classified by books or pages. You can find the drawing theme that you prefer, for example, animals, butterflies, sculptures, elements, and so on up to 20. It does not work as smoothly as Recolor, but it has many more free things.

Color by Disney

If you miss out on classics such as Disney and its multitude of characters, here is the official application of the company to get you coloring like crazy. The biggest problem with Color by Disney is that most content and color tones are payable, so if you’re willing to scratch your pocket, this app is one more option.

Adult COloring Book

Similar to the previous applications, but with a more childish aesthetic if it fits than your companions, you can choose the theme of the drawing you want to color, such as animals, clothing, flowers messages, etc. All or almost all of the content of this Adult COloring Book is free and contains advertising.

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Colorfly: Coloring Games

Colorfly is a coloring app with a little childish design that allows you to choose animal galleries, ‘pixel art’, zen spirit and the world mandala. There is only one gallery that requires to become a premium user, and those colors that are not free, at least some allows you to unlock them for free if you do a review on Google Play.

Coloring Book 2017

Coloring Book 2017 has a way of being used practically equal to the one of Adult Coloring Book, but the selection of drawings changes enough, being able to choose, besides the typical animals, mandala and flowers, to color eggs, balls or women, among others. Like the other application, it contains advertising and everything or almost everything is free.

Colory: coloring

Probably the best of this list, Colory is an app that allows you to unlock all the color palettes, although for that, for each set, you’ll have to watch a video. Otherwise, you can choose from galleries of animals, floral motifs and patterns.

InColor – Coloring Book

Colorless is an application that does not just touch a surface to color it, but if you wish, you can drag to paint by pixels. If you activate the ‘Smart border’ option, you will not leave the area where you started to paint (for example, the scale of a fish). This allows you to make gradients with the most basic colors.

Unfortunately, most palette ranges require a premium user, but among the free possibilities is that you can paint any image you have in your gallery or take a photo expressly to color it to your liking.

Although personal is not something that I relax in excess, these are some of the best applications there are for coloring, but if you have any suggestions, you will be welcome. Are you one of those who relax with these types of apps or do you prefer to dedicate yourself to other tasks instead?

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