Office 365

Office 365 includes enhancements and new features, especially geared to mobile devices

During this February Microsoft team has been working on new features and various improvements to its Office suite 365. Although changes have reached all platforms (Windows, Mac, iOS and Android), they are especially interesting on devices mobile.

The new features and improvements are present in Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook. In addition, those of Microsoft have also released the first update of the suite since the release of Office 2016 apps in September last year.

Office 365
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He said before the news focus primarily on mobile devices, and more specifically, to make the experience of using apps Office easier and more fluid – and above all, more integrated with the capabilities and tools themselves tablet or mobile.

To begin with, for example, it will now be possible to make written records (either with a stylus, either with the same finger) in Word, Excel or PowerPoint Mobile for Windows tablets. Similarly, if you are using a tablet or mobile Windows, you can set your Office documents on the Start menu to have them at hand and access them more conveniently and quickly.

An example of the integration of the suite with the functions of mobile devices is the ability to insert photos you take with your camera phone or tablet (Windows or Android) directly into your documents. This option is currently only available for PowerPoint but soon come to Word and Excel.

Finally, as a continuation of the agreement with hosting services in the cloud announced last month, now you have Boxed as a new option to save your documents online – plus OneDrive and Dropbox. According to the press, Microsoft says, soon there will be more services available.

Improvements in Excel and Outlook

Mobile devices are not the only beneficiaries of this pack of improvements. Desktop applications have also received new features, such as in the case of Excel, where you now have more options to view and share data, new features to make common calculations faster, and a utility auto complete formulas more precise, among others things.

Outlook, meanwhile, has improved integration with groups, and includes a new feature File for cleaning messages in the inbox – but without having to delete them. Visit for more news and reviews.