A New Way To Think About Cyber Security

The term ‘hackers,’ is associated with negative thoughts and feelings. The word cyber security shouldn’t stir up the same emotions. There are necessary steps businesses must take to protect their important files and data. Cyber security is what allows companies to safeguard themselves against hackers and cyber criminals. It’s an aspect of the business world that deserves a positive spin. It’s time to start reframing your assumptions about the online space. Thinking about protecting your information on the internet doesn’t have to be a bad…

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Best Up and Coming Apps for Business

In this age of technological development and innovation, it can be hard to keep track of the seemingly endless stream of apps being introduced to the world. Many of these apps have been designed to aid businesses, with the main intention of making daily operations easier/more efficient. Here are some of the top apps to date. GatekeeperHQ When you have a business, one of the factors that you always have to consider is your supplier performance. Your suppliers delivering on time is crucial to you…

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Farewell to Bloatware

Farewell to Bloatware: How to remove pre-installed apps from your Android phone

Your phone or tablet comes with a few pre-installed applications. Some of them are mandatory, as manufacturers who want to include Google services are committed to include a number of applications, but others come from agreements with third parties or because they thought they would be useful. The problem is that some of these pre-installed applications may not be of interest to you, and you cannot always uninstall them without further ado. When this happens, they are called bloatware, a term that in this case…

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Google Android Applications

Google only wants quality apps on Android: This will penalize the bad applications

Of little use to Android or enhance the performance to deliver even faster and fluid applications if you then come to Google Play applications that devour the resources of our device, adversely affecting the image of the operating system. To finally avoid this problem, Google will force developers to improve the quality of their applications. Google does not want bad apps in its Play Store, only wants quality applications and to remove those “weeds” from your store will begin to penalize applications that do not…

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Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger now tests tabs on your interface

Facebook continues its commitment to modify the Messenger interface every few weeks. We have already seen everything : advertising, games, stickers, instant articles … Now it is the turn to the tabs at the top, a test that are receiving some users and, if it was satisfactory, would end up applying to everyone in a future. Do you think the Facebook Messenger interface is a mess and that the application is becoming little less than a monster? Well wait, there’s still more. Facebook is trying…

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android icon packs

Seven packs of icons available for free for a limited time

Since Google included as a novelty the ability to offer or offer free apps and video games, we have witnessed a variety of content that we can access without having to go through the box. Today is another day of those in which we can have access to a series of seven packs of free icons that are usually paid. You will have in your hand the option to change the icons of the desktop of your mobile so that they are style ‘drawn by…

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Get More Views Just From Your Thumbnail

Ok.  So you want to be the next PewDiePie or SkyDoesMinecraft.  If you don’t know who they are, it sounds like you’re off to a rocky start. All kidding aside, you have a concept and a channel. How are you going to reach your 15 minutes of YouTube fame? And how are you planning to ensure you sustain it through the life of your channel? The answer is you probably haven’t put much thought into planning at all. Don’t worry, most people don’t. You’re in…

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What should I test on my landing pages?

A/B is the accepted methodology for testing how your website and marketing campaigns are working. It combines creativity with cold, hard data. The basic concept is that you trial two approaches at the same time and record what works best. It provides scientific proof to an area that used to rely on hunches and gut instinct. Image Credit You can use A/B testing to analyse all of your marketing material, ranging from newsletter titles to the colour of your call-to-action button on your web site.…

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lightweight applications

Seven lightweight applications to do everything without running out of space

It is true that our smartphones have more and more storage capacity, at least in theory, but there are still many people who need to make real virgins to get install and update applications. Our mobiles have more space, but also the applications are getting heavier. Luckily, some developers have decided to get down to work to create very light applications that need very little space on your mobile. Here we have selected seven light applications with which you can do the main functions of…

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How to make your business website more mobile friendly

With more of us using mobile devices to search online, and Google putting mobile friendliness at the heart of its algorithms, choosing to go mobile friendly or not is no longer optional. If you want to achieve website success, going mobile friendly is compulsory. Here’s how to make your website more mobile friendly. Image Credit Responsive design Google encourages websites to adopt responsive design. According to PracticalEcommerce, responsive design promotes an optimal experience for mobile users, but also facilitates enhancements to site design and functionality,…

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