Profiles techie

Profiles ‘techie’, increasingly demanded in the marketing industry

One of the major points that brands need professionals with technological trajectories is in everything related to big data.

One of the issues that have always been linked to the industry of advertising and marketing is creativity. If one wants to work in this industry you have to be very creative and must have a good imagination, a good ability to respond to unexpected situations and think ‘out of the box’ and a certain abilities in communication. If yours are the algorithms, the industry seemed to be saying, better find yourself another profession.

Profiles techie
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But, however, things have changed mightily in recent years, as the industry has also changed during that period. Technology has become one of the key elements in virtually all markets and in virtually all professions, what he has done not only that everyone has to have a certain knowledge on the subject but also the points of interest are and profiles different companies demand are no longer the same as in the past. In fact, if now you’re a genius algorithms is quite likely that a few companies fight for you to merge your marketing team.

The question now is, even if the technology does not end up vampirizar creative work. Some think that the marketers of the future will be directly robots, which will not only work rather data (such as statistical analysis, or analyze failures and errors) but also focus on fully creative work and for doing a few years not I thought that they could be alternatives to human labor. The robots of tomorrow will be the copy , creative and many other positions. In fact, there are already companies that employ algorithms to create ads and connect with consumers.

And while robots do not take full industry and are made with all possible jobs in the sector, the fact that things are already much taken by technology than you might think and profiles to which the industry must dip in the present (and especially in the next few years) are increasingly varied and more ‘techie’. The fact that elements such as big data are increasingly critical does nothing more than create new needs and new windows of employment that companies must meet. To cover must strive to attract new talent and also grasp with a formation that is not necessarily so far were claiming.

Now, in the list of marketing professionals many eminently ‘techies’ titles are also present.

Big data professionals

One of the major points that brands need professionals with technological trajectories is in everything related to big data. Information has become a very valuable commodity and one that is a mine of data to be more efficient and more successful, but also an element that brands must work differently to what they were doing so far way. To achieve take all necessary party to big data need, do as they do, technologists.

Professional fashion in the big data is the data scientist , professional fashion by all companies (and not just marketing departments) fight. A few years ago, the influential magazine Harvard Business Review named the “sexiest century work , ” which made everyone ask what they were, who they were and how to incorporate one of these to your company.

The scientific data, is a versatile professional in the world of data (an expert from IBM defined it as “almost an individual of the Renaissance”), which is capable not only of organizing information and managed from a technical point of view but also to channel it to get value. Its work is parallel or prior to the data analyst, one of the great works of the era of big data, which is one based on the information extracted the data scientist is able to make a report of value. One is the ‘mine of information’ and the other which makes the precious material extracted from the mine in a precious jewel. They are not exactly the same, but very complementary profiles that help achieve the best results.

These profiles must be added a peak in demand for technical profiles with more traditional denominations but they are living a golden moment with dependence growing companies have data. Mathematics or statement have become workers each key again in the world of marketing, even though at first nobody thought that their knowledge and expertise could become relevant.

Other profiles

The list is completed with other profiles, such as the futurists. Futurists are nothing more than a kind of analyst of the future, a kind of oracle that goatee you to brand what will happen, and that is becoming more crucial time for brands. Giants like Google, Intel and Microsoft already have yours.Obviously, these futuristic not base their estimates on hunches (not fortune tellers) but use technology and analysis techniques for it.

Futurists are one of the profiles with the greatest potential for the future and one that has grown in recent times (no more to see what happens to those professionals in a search LinkedIn), but they are not the only ones who need companies and their marketing teams. The boom in the mobile and social networks have forced manufacturers to sign a new highly skilled workers in specific fields that these tools required, from chief listening officers who hear everything that happens in social networks experts on mobile screens.

Added to this the industry’s marketing and advertising just completely change the place where ‘fishing’ to be talented. In fact, in recent months, companies in the sector have become the cross of Wall Street companies, who are you stealing their talent. The experts in algorithmic trading (HFT, using algorithms to buy and sell shares faster) have become the new desired profile marketing companies because their paths have direct applications of what they do now. Visit for more tech news.