Protect your computer

Protect your computer completely free of charge

Users will not fail to discover how we can get more from Internet and at the same time, whenever we feel more comfortable in cyberspace. This really is excellent news because it reveals the one hand, the network of networks is contributing to equal opportunities more effectively than any other resource we have known, and secondly, that gradually is beginning to be part our everyday environment. Click for more tech news

Protect your computer
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Increasingly we are also more aware of the many threats that swarm the Internet and the need of yet protect our PC with guarantees. Much of the consultations that we do get leave no doubt about how much you concerned about the security of your computer.

In addition, we understand. In fact, it seems the healthiest and coherent stance as all users use our computer to perform some task “engaged”. However, we must be careful not only if we use our PC for banking and shopping online, or if we carry with it our accounts. We must also be cautious if you have an email account, we access social networks, networked play …

Internet is a literally infinite source of resources, and as such, contains some dangers that all users must know simply because not being “connected” is not an option. However, fortunately, we can be calm. We have enough tools at our disposal to enjoy the undisputed benefits of the network with confidence. We just need to know and take some precautions.

Everything you need is just a few clicks

It is curious. Internet brings some dangers, but at the same time provides us the resources we need to protect ourselves from them. Besides, in many cases we can use them without spending a single euro. Indeed, all the tools we propose are free.

Some, indeed, they are included in the operating system Windows 7. However, we know that there is life beyond the popular operating system of Microsoft, so we decided to dedicate a space to security in OS X Mac and Linux.

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Also, delve into one of the free antivirus more we currently like: Microsoft Security Essentials. Here you will find everything you need to know to squeeze the maximum. Then we boarded minutely configuration and optimization ZoneAlarm, the best free firewall we know. Then we investigate Symantec Security Check and BitDefender Online Scanner two on-line diagnostic services really fantastic.

Then, we propose no less than four practical in which you will discover how you can encrypt your most valuable data, what you must do to destroy forever your confidential information, how you can create backups online using the free service ADrive and what must do to surf the web without a trace. Finally, we explain how to keep your smartphone safe. Enjoy it.